406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Vansboy
There seem to be a few of these showing up at auction, just now & as I'm thinking of an estate, instead of my van & don't do the miles I used to...........

I know I should go with 110 diesel, if it's to be a 406, but £5000 ish for a 50K 3yr old V6 as opposed to twice the miles on the oil burner, makes you think!!

406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Hugo {P}
The people I bought the Discovery from have one of these as their main car (hence why they couldn't afford the Discovery as well).

They seemed pleased with it and it's got that PSA Engine - go for it and above all - enjoy!


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406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Chad.R
Would make a great Q car. IIRC the PSA lump tends to a bit juicy compared to other 3.0 V6s - mpg somewhere in the low 20's. If you're not doing too many miles then it won't be a issue.

406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - J Bonington Jagworth
Sounds fun. Just the sort of car I would go for - a little bit different, but not obviously so, and absurdly cheap. You're a long time dead...
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Burnout2
Thirsty, dated, no more than reasonably quick and of an age where things are likely to start going wrong. I could think of better ways to treat myself for £5k, but the usual catastrophic depreciation on newer 406s won't apply here, so if you like it...
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Downesi1
I have the coupe version.
It has approx 200 bhp and it not slow !
In comparison I had a cliosport 172 (172bhp clio !) about the same in performance terms.
MPG is a bit low around town, but on the M/way its around the 30's.
It will cruise all day at 120mph and hit 150mph if you want it too, but no in this country for some strainge reason !
So the estate version should be simular.
Its a very good engine, torque is amazing, i.e 5th at 30 mph if you want.
Go get it, enjoy the smoothness and be amazed at the power delivery. have fun...!
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Wilco {P}
A bloke I know opted out of his company car scheme to buy one of these (OK it was a Coupe). We all thought he was crazy but to date he's done 40,000 trouble free miles.

High 20's on fuel but he does mostly A roads & towns. Still, a cracking Q-car as has been mentioned.
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - NARU
I ran a 406 v6 estate as a company car for three years/75,000 miles.

Front tyres don't last long, and are hard to balance. The engine can run quite hot and give some fuel evaporation problems trying to restart after standing for 20 mins (but always went after a minute of turning it over). The seats weren't that comfortable, but were heated (nice).

The only significant issue I had was the power steering rack leaking.

All in all, I'd be happy to run another one. I drove mine pretty hard, and got about 24mpg (Manual version).
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Downesi1
Dont go for leather ..... standard seats are much better as the leather has ribbed effect !slidey !
406 3.0V6, Any Thoughts? - Vansboy
Thanks for input, guys.

I'll maybe try one for a run first.But please don't be surprised to still see me chugging up n down the motorway in my Maestro van, in 6 months time. Just clicked over to 311,000 miles today!


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