Porsche 911 - Wally Zebon
Can somebody PLEASE easy my befuddled brain.

There are approximately 1 million variations of the 911. What is the difference between a C2 and a Turbo, a C4 and a C2S etc etc.
I know that both the C4 and Turbo 4 have 4 wheel drive but other than that I am lost.

I'm looking for BHP output for each variation as well as 2/4 wheel drive. From 993s through 996s.

Please please help. The more I try and work it out, the more confused I get.

Thanks in advance.

Porsche 911 - Phil G
I'll do you a quick rundown:

In 93/94 the 993 was launched with Carrera and Carrera 4 variants, 2/4wd. Both made about 270bhp from a 3.6 aircooled flat 6.

Later on in the model development Varioram system was introduced to the engine which boosted power to about 285bhp with resulting torque increase. Following this, there was a Carrera 4S, which is turbo bodied (has big flares) and has turbo brakes. The Carrera 2S was launched which is just turbo bodied and 2wd - regarded as the worst of the 993 range as it is all show and no extra go/stop.

Also launched in 95? was the 993 Turbo 4, with 408bhp and twin turbos with 4wd, this was a serious beast and still fetches mega money. Just before the 993 production stopped they produced a Turbo 4S with something like 450bhp - very collectible.

As for the 996, it was launched in 97? with a water cooled 3.4L flat-6 producing about 300bhp. Carrera 2/4 variants again. Turbo was launched later with 400ish bhp and all kinds of wizardry to keep you on the road and get the power down. In 2000 iirc displacement went back to 3.6L with about 15bhp more power and corresponding torque.

Just last year, the Carrera 4S was launched which is again a turbo bodied 996 with turbo brakes and 4wd. Then there is the GT3, a raw race bred 996, without the gizmos of the turbo and 4wd. Finally the awsome GT2, with 450bhp, twin-turbo 2wd powerhouse.
Porsche 911 - Wally Zebon
Thanks Phil

Thats a lot more than I've manged to dredge up so far


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