Calling early Cortina experts - Pete
Can anyone familiar with the Mk2 1600E (67 to 70) please advise if the two rear chassis sections, (from the rear of the cabin floor, over the axle, to the rear vallance, on each side of the vehicle and incorporating the spring hangar mounting points) are identical or handed?

We are also told that there is an additional section which fits inside these sections to add strength. Can anyone confirm this or refute this please?

Thank you, Pete.
Calling early Cortina experts - NitroBurner
Struth - that is a question & a ½...

I\'m sure you have a good reason 4 asking, but can\'t C why they might B handed.

I reckon contacting the Cortina MkII Owners Club woulb B your best bet.

Calling early Cortina experts - Robin the Technician
Hi Pete,
From my early days of owning one of these and having the rear chassis with a few extra vent holes, the ones I was going to order for my old Cortina were definitely handed. I gave up and put my in the scrappy after seeing how seriously rotten it was.

Hope this helps!!

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
Calling early Cortina experts - SjB {P}
Strange to be reading this today.

I was talking to my grandfather yesterday, who explained that his brother has just spent a King's ransom having his Mk II 1600E rebuilt to concours condition.


Although his primary transport is a Jag now, he has owned the 1600E from new, and having driven it right across Russia in the early Seventies, to every European country you care to name, and even further afield than that, he couldn't bear to part with it. Think of just about any famous place in a radius of several thousand miles across the 'mainland', and he probably has a photo with the 1600E in it! Even on a cart track a long way up Mount Etna! He's passionate about classical music, and during the Russian trip over thirty years ago, visited the grave of Prokoviev. Noticing an attractive bush next to the grave, he took a cutting, which survived the long and countless Communist checkpoint journey home, and to this day grows well in his garden!

Sorry I can't help with the hanger question, though hope to meet my grandfather's brother at a family function in a few weeks, so can ask him them who his 1600E restorer was, if you wish?
Calling early Cortina experts - Pete
Thank you all for the replies. The units are handed and are a very complex shaped inverted top hat channel. The internal webs are present and there is also a third section on each side, forming the bump stop for the suspension.

Grateful thanks to Mr John Sheldon for this information.
Thanks and regards, Pete.
Calling early Cortina experts - Pete
It has now been suggested that these parts ( the O/S and N/S rear chassis sections ) are the same on the Mk1 Cortina. Can anyone offer confirmation on this question please?
Thank you, Pete.
Calling early Cortina experts - RogerL
At that time, Ford had a policy of only changing one of floor pan, body and engines at one time. This is why the early Mk2 Cortina had the same engine line-up as the Mk1, and probably the same chassis. Although the 1600 derivatives came in part way through the Mk2's life, the body/chassis remained the same. The 1600E was said to be built using the heavy-duty shell, like the Cortina-Lotus.
Calling early Cortina experts - henry k
The 1600E was said to be built using the
heavy-duty shell, like the Cortina-Lotus.

The 1600E had a different rear suspension from the standard models but similar to the Lotus Cortina.
I had a 1600E for many years or was it tears and was only aware of a rust problem hence two new wings etc.
Loved the car but it was problem after problem.
Mine was an oddball model.I think it was a Friday car. It had seats from a 2 door version and other odd features. I fitted it with Cibe HALOGEN lights when most light units were still round and even fitted a proper HRW.
I may even have the Ford hardback spares catalogue somewhere gathering dust.
Happy days was a white 1600E with a black roof.
Calling early Cortina experts - Ian (Cape Town)
I'll ask our local Ford fixers, as there are still a fair few of these about here.
I used to have a 69 1600 auto - 3 speed, with column shift! yEEHAH! Bought in about 1982 from a little old lady. Only had 29 000 miles on the clock, and served my mother, brother, sister and I very well for many years, driving lesssons, and accidents!
Calling early Cortina experts - jc
Most 1600E had what you call 2-dr. seats;they had a lever enabling you to fold the backrest forward as in a 2-dr. car.They were fitted because there was no sense in making two different ranges of seats for what was relatively a small number of cars.


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