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Just had the old Saab serviced at the main dealers, fuel filter in line £32, ok its a metal device, but whats wrong with the one on my golf 68p nylon with paper insert? most other things seemed ok, plugs £3-17 each. Oil mobil 1 £8-66/litre etc.
in line fuel filters - DL
Fuel Injection, Sir.

That's the difference.
in line fuel filters - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
As DL says, fuel injection ! A carburettor engine has a pressure of about 3psi between the pump and the carb, and if it is a mechanical pump on the engine the line to the tank is not pressurised at all, it is subject to negative pressure (vacuum).

On most injected engines the entire system is subject to a running pressure of between 30-40psi, with up to 90psi being possible if the pressure regulator fails. Also, as the system operates on a "ring-main" principle of constant supply and return the flow rate is very considerably higher than a carb system, so the filter has to be larger to give a reasonable service life.

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in line fuel filters - andy n
i had a similar outrageous quote(£38!!) for a fuel filter from a volvo main dealers spares dept for my v70, bought the exact same filter (made by mann in germany) from german and swedish for 12.50, i would find yourself a decent independent if posssible who will obtain original quality service items from other sources, you will save yourself a fair bit.
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Saab parts can be pricey but if you want means of comparison, try

Lovely & helpful people to deal with !

Regards, AI
in line fuel filters - kithmo
Is it fuel injected ?
in line fuel filters - DL
Yeah, its bound to be; SAABs were quite advanced (and still are!) so I would expect fuel injection to be fitted.

Also echo the GSF parts route - often they supply top-quality Mann filters which are as good as OE, in my opinion. I have no qualms using them on my car.


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