New Battery for Pug 306TD - solara
Any good advice on choosing a new battery for my Peugeot 306 TD (1993)?

The past two batteries I have had last me about 2-3 years, before they need replacing.

I'm after any recommendations people have had with a particular brand, and what Amp rating battery I should lookout for.

So far I've been offered the following as replacements:
Motoquip 57 Amp for £33
Fulmen 64 Amp for £45

Thanks in Advance
New Battery for Pug 306TD - solara
Might as well have been talking to myself :-)

Couldn't wait any longer for replies, as I needed a new one today. Just about started the car this morning (and triggered of the alarm at the same time, second day running). Once started couldn't stop the alarm, as I doubt the batt would have churned the starter again after that. Had to drive for about a minute with the alarm sounding, before it finally switched off!

Anyway, for those interested...

Neat Autos (Pug specialist) did me a Motaquip heavy duty "diesel-premium "battery (60Ah) type 075, with 4 year guarantee for £33.

Looking at my old battery it was a 45Ah!
New Battery for Pug 306TD - DL
Just what I'd have gone for - Motaquip being the Peugeot 2nd teir parts supplier - their 075 is just the ticket.

The 4yr warranty is a bonus on top!
New Battery for Pug 306TD - Andrew-T
solara - did you check the integrity of the terminal connections, and did you check the acid level occasionally? You can be unlucky with a battery, but you can also improve its chances of lasting longer.
New Battery for Pug 306TD - solara
Terminal connections were fine. Battery level was ok as I had just topeed it up a couple of months ago. However, I know the battery was on its last legs as whenever I charged it, it would charge from nearly empty to full in an hour or so. This normally takes 6-12 hours on previous good batteries. Plus another tell tale sign was that the alarm would go off spuriously in the middle of the night (usually in the cold).Possibly caused by plates touching one another and causing a drop in voltage. Start up would also take several churning rotations (even after changing glow plugs).
No point flogging a dead battery.
Very happy with new battery.


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