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I have recently seen ads for LED replacement light units for my Land Rover which claim to be "E" marked and therefore totally legal for road use - these are for both rear lights and indicators ( with suitable ballast resistors fitted ). When I look at replacement bulbs for my other cars I can only find LED replacements which are marked as only suitable for show or off road use. The advantages of LEDs in terms of reliability and life are obvious. Do any of you know of where road legal units can be obtained or if not why they are not currently legal ?
LED lamps - Sooty Tailpipes
The proper LED panel light units are OK and E-approved,

the replacements for proper bulbs are useless, I have a few in a drawer, they are dim and as they don't reflect off the reflector the light shines through the lens in a small porthole way. They are normal bayonet bases with as many hyperbright LEDs as will fit.
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There is a difference between light units and light bulbs, as a previous post said about led light bulbs, pretty much useless.
Led light units can be obtained from any commercial vehicle/truck spares factor. I drive a artic and all the side lights are led jobs, they work extremely well, very bright and they are practically bomb proof. Nuff said.

LED lamps - Sooty Tailpipes
Funnily enough, I was stuck behind a new bus today, and it had all LED lights. The brake lights were circular and made of a matrix of red LEDs, but when the bus came to a standstill, they changed to a wedge shape (2/3rds of LEDs went out) presumably to prevent dazzling following vehicles, the wedge shape extinguished when the bus set off.

I also noticed that the tun signals were the same circular matrix, but orange, however, the LEDs instead of all blinking on and off simultaneously, were phased in rows diagnally, and each row would illuminate or entinguish a few milliseconds before the other to create a sort of very fast expansion and contraction of the light. This makes it look a lot more like a conventional incandescent lamp which obviously takes a split second to illuminate and extinguish fully. When LEDs blink for an indicator all together it looks a bit odd, like a strobe or flashing neon.

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