Reliable method of checking autobox oil? - David Horn
I'm trying to get an accurate reading of the amount of oil in my 93 Astra 1.6 autobox.

Followed instructions in manaul to the letter but every time I take it I get conflicting readings, ie, slightly over, slightly under, perfect, in the middle etc.

Current method is:

Take car on reasonable journey to warm up the innards.
Stop car and move selector through all positions, ending in Park.
Check the oil level immediately after that.

Oil's still a nice bright pink but I wonder if I'm doing something obviously wrong.

Any help appreciated!
Reliable method of checking autobox oil? - Dynamic Dave
Are you checking the level with the engine running or not? It's supposed to be checked with the engine idling. There is also another method as well. From cold, start the car up and make sure gearbox is in Park. Leave for a couple of mins, then pull the dipstick, wipe with a lint free cloth and redip again. On the dipstick there are two measurements - that being hot or cold (as well as lower and higher levels). Obviously take the reading from the appropriate side of the dipstick.
Reliable method of checking autobox oil? - Aprilia
Assuming it is the Aisan-Warner AF13 'box then 'hot' reading should be taken aften a 20km drive (85-95 deg. C).

Pull car to a halt of the level.

Leave engine running and slowly move selector through all positions.
Move selector to 'Park'

With engine still running, remove dipstick and wipe clean with kitchen towel (or similar 'lint free' wipe).

Put dipstick back in for one minute and then remove.

Exam level on 'hot' side of dipstick.

Fractionally above or below will not hurt.

Reliable method of checking autobox oil? - David Horn
I was checking with the engine running, thanks for the advice!

I didn't think to leave the dipstick in for one minute, though - I just stuck it in and pulled it out. Using your method shows the level spot on.

Much appreciated!

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