Cavalier ecotec - welshy
I have a Cavalier SRi , it has the 2.0i ecotec engine. I use the car as a family car , recently had the car serviced including the cambelt and tensioners .
My question is , is this engine pretty reliable ? Do Vauxhall still make this engine , do the Vectras,Astras etc.....have this engine ? Or was it very troublesome and they decided to replace it ? Reason for the silly question , I have been thinking on selling it and buying something totally different , maybe a Ford escort ? Not to sure to be honest . Anyone give me any advice ?
Cavalier ecotec - Daz
I thought the ecotec was only in a vectra but if u have one u get my sympathy. Apparently there are huge problems with the 2.0 engine Omega, Vectra etc as the idle speed control valve fouls up and also the coating on the pistons wears off thus knackering engine.

My Omega reached 77k with ful VSH before having had another engine fitted.
Cavalier ecotec - superannuated rocker
I don't believe the problems can be that huge. They are still one of the most popular engines for motorsport use (Just read the ads pages in motorsport news). The biggest difficulties are with sensors and possibly cambelts, however, my 96 2.0sri was still going strong at 172K when I sold it and it would make mincemeat of the gutless 1.8 focus I now drive.
Cavalier ecotec - Dynamic Dave
The 2.0 litre engine is no longer in production. It was superseded by the 2.2 litre engine (an all alloy engine) that they first fitted in the VX220. As for why it was superseded, I have no idea.


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