MGF Radio Cassette - Dick Dastardly
Earlier this year we bought a P-reg MGF which has been great fun and (touch wood) reliable. Now the weather has changed we are doing more miles with the roof up. The main drawback is that the radio cassette is carp - the sound quality is poor and radio reception weak, especially on medium wave. Is this to be expected? And is it worth replacing the unit with a (face-off) CD player or are the speakers such poor quality as to not make this worthwhile? Grateful for any thoughts/experience of this.
MGF Radio Cassette - BB
I do not know what type of aerial is on a MGF, but if it is a screw fit type, unscrew and clean the base with a sandpaper.
As far as your stereo goes, it would possibly be worth buying a new head unit, but a pair of decent speakers will make the worst car stereo sound much better.

I dont know if the speaker grille cover is servicable, or whether it has been heat staked on as a permanent fix. Check it out before you buy anything.


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