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I've been a long-time reader of the forum and really enjoy it. But this is my first post and, as my mechanical knowledge is rubbish, apologies in advance for the idiot questions!

My Golf Mk IV has been running really well since I bought it 3 years ago and there's only 28,000 miles on it. I have decided that I'm going to keep it for at least another 2 years - it would seem almost like a crime to give the car to someone else.

I have looked after it well, changing the oil every 6K as rcommended by HJ, and will be dropping it in for a service this week. Before I go in I would like to know if there is anything I should ask to be looked at specifically:

- Brakes: The brakes are making a rubbing noise recently. Are the pads up for a change? Or the discs?
- Are there any other major shocks I should expect - e.g. timing belt change.

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Golf IV service - idiot questions - guss
have a look in the front of the service book it says what is required at each service. the timing belt for diesels is at 60000miles/5yrs which is worth doing as failures are expensive . with your mileage i would doubt the discs need changing unless you do a lot of stop/start motoring maybe just need the brakes adjusting
Golf IV service - idiot questions - st1
I had a Golf IV for 4 years.
Brakes and discs were changed at 40,000 miles, so it could be possible that either / both of these could need changing at 28,000 depending on your driving style. I got them changed at one of the big-chain independents and never had a problem. They were considerably cheaper than VW dealers (atleast 40% cheaper if memory serves).
Given that you take HJ's advice re. oil changes, then you may also want the following done irrespective of whether it's in the standard servive schedule or not:
1. Change (not just top up) coolant system. With time, coolant loses its ability to prevent against corrosion and I think 3 years is probably the max life.
2. Change brake fluid. Over time, it absorbs water and becomes less efficient. Should be done every 2 years to be on teh safe side.
3. I you get the cambelt changed then don't forget the tensioner. Given that you're going to keep the car for another 2 years then you're gong to need a cambelt change sooner or later anyway. Why not take away the risk of failure earlier rather than later?
Hope this helps.
Golf IV service - idiot questions - DF
Thanks for the replies guys - they are very useful and give me plenty to watch out for.

Golf IV service - idiot questions - Hintza

A couple of points to raise in reply to your "idiot questions" (lol.

I assume it is over 3 years old and out of warranty ....if not spend nothing except servicing until then.

We have an X reg 1.6 Golf I will detail the work carried out since its 30,000 mile service (March 2003).

A couple of weeks past its 30,000 mile service the timing belt went and the car required a new head. Fortunately this was all carried out under warranty otherwise it would have been a 4 figure bill. I would advise you get this done before 40,000 miles if not sooner. Honest John recommends this in all his columns regardless of what the manufacturer says! And replace tensioners etc at the same time.

40,000 mile service (August 2003)

The garage wanted to:

Replace a dented catalytic converter at a cost of £800.
Replace 3 tyres @ £66/each.
New rear discs and pads all round.

I refused the cat and tyres.

Since then replaced the tyres at a cost of £35/each

The MOT was due Oct 24 I have done it early in anticipation of having to buy a new cat. It sailed through without a problem.

Getting back to the service the bill was £400 for a 40k service and rear discs plus pads all round.

The car will never go back to a main dealer now that it is out of warranty they are an absolute ripoff.

But my other half is expecting and I will still be having the car serviced regularly as we need a reliable car.

PS Does anyone else have problems with Golf's bottoming out (the cat's problem) and we also have one at work that is on its 3rd sump!!!


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