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I have an 2001 Almera

Last night somebody pointed out to me there is a difference of about an inch in the gap between wheel and wheel arch, between the left and right wheels. The left side gap is noticeably smaller

I had the wheels aligned the day before, are the shocks gone on that side, or is it something to do with the alignment


Shocks? - Dizzy {P}
a difference in height between a wheel and wheelarch on one side to its neighbour on the other is unlikely to be caused by the dampers or the alignment settings. It could be caused by a broken spring or, perhaps more likely, a broken rubber-bonded suspension mounting.
Shocks? - Dizzy {P}
p.s. I deliberately used the word 'dampers' as this is what they are, not shock absorbers or 'shocks'. The springs absorb the shock, the dampers dampen the oscillations. Bit pedantic perhaps, but the correct terms help an understanding of what things do!
Shocks? - kenH1

Thanks for the quick response,
Could this cause steering wheel shudder at motorway speeds?
ANy indication as to price?

Thanks again
Shocks? - Dizzy {P}
I'm sorry but I don't know the steering or suspension set-up on your car so can't answer your questions in any detail. However broken or worn suspension mountings do often cause steering vibrations, and I wouldn't be surprised if a broken spring could do likewise.

I think you need someone who knows his way around cars to take a look at it fairly soon as this is one of those things that is very hard to diagnose unseen. A broken mounting or spring (if this IS the cause, and it may well not be) shouldn't be horrendously expensive to put right.

By the way, thanks for not jumping on me re: my pedanticism!


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