What is CDI - Blue_nova
I have noticed that Mercedes use CDI, what is this i know that TDI is turbo Diesel Injection but what is CDI
Well look at that
What is CDI - mlj
I've always assumed it stood for Common rail Diesel Injection.
What is CDI - OlafS
I think it means Commonrail Diesel Injection?
Anybody else have any ideas?

What is CDI - El Hacko
I always assumed Vauxhall coined it to denote top spec (as in Ghia with Ford) - CD perhaps from Corps Diplomat, suggesting summat upmarket, and the i for Injection?

el Hacko
What is CDI - Dynamic Dave
Vauxhall have dropped the L, GL, GLS, & CD names and have replaced them with names like Active, Elegance, & Elite.

Sorry to hijack the thread.

btw, yes CDI does stand for Commonrail Diesel Injection. (probably)
What is CDI - PhilW
So do the Germans also use the word(s) Common Rail? Or do they have another (probably very long) word for it which also begins with "C". (off hand, with my very limited German I can't think of many German words beginning with "C")
And what about HDi? Is the H for "High" (French Haute) pressure Diesel injection? Or is it something else?
And TD(C)I - is that Turbo Diesel (Compression) Injection or is it just a few vaguely appropriate letters strung together? (like SX, LX, VSX etc)
What is CDI - SjB {P}
Using 'i' on diesel car badges makes me smile.

It's probably done because to the great masses 'injection' historically denotes a car better than the Jones', but how else do you get fuel in to a diesel burning engine?!

Come to think of it, too, how may petrol engines have carburettors these days?!

Surely an 'i' therefore means nowt.
What is CDI - SkyMan
I thought the "i" on a diesel meant it had an intercooler...
What is CDI - none
I've often wondered why manufacturers don't include a bit more technical data on the boot lid.
As well as all of the common stuff like HDi - 4wd - turbo - V6 - Vtech and so on they could include information like Inlet 010 - exhaust 012. It'd look nice in chrome, and make just as much sense as the rest of it.
What is CDI - Ben79
The 2.0 litre 90BHP Peugeot Citroen HDI engine doesn't have an intercooler.
On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
What is CDI - RichardW
I think TD used to represent Turbo Diesel, then when direct injection became the norm they added Di (eg Turbo Direct injection). HDi stands for High pressure Direct Injection, and PSA use HPi for their petrol engines with high pressure injection. CDI almsot certainly stands for Common Rail Direct Injection. TDCi is used by ford to give the distinction between the old TDDi (Endura) engine and the new common rail engine.

Only matters of course to all those badge snobs out there - mine goes and I don't care what it says on the boot.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
What is CDI - Chad.R
Just use the Merc's badge delete option (no cost?) and then you won't have worry about it! ;-)

What is CDI - scotty
With bikes, CDI used to be Capacitor (or was it Capacitive?) Discharge Ignition.

... but that's probably irrelavant in this context, I throw it in just to muddy the water.

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