News about facelift models - Thomasino
Does anyone know where the news about forthcoming facelift models appears.There is no mention of anything on parkers/whatcar or on the honest john car by car breakdown news area.
Very useful to avoid the chances of being stuck with an out of date model months/days after you have bought it!

News about facelift models - Mattster

Having said that, I found out shortly after ordering my Civic Type-R that the facelift model was being introduced, so I'm not sure how quick they are. I asked two separate Honda dealers if there were to be any changes and they both lied.
News about facelift models - AlanGowdy
I think Auto Express have a section on upcoming model updates and changes.
News about facelift models - AlanGowdy
..... and What Car.
News about facelift models - AlanGowdy
... and dealers will lie to shift stock before they have to offer big discounts on the newly obsolescent model. It pays to do your research before buying.

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