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Citroen BX Survey. - David Woollard
Some while ago you will remember I asked for BX experiences from forum contributors. These have now found their way into my September column for the Citroen Car Club magazine.

Members have e-mailed already to comment on your interesting many thanks.

As promised I have uploaded the whole Sept article to some of my spare webspace. This is a stand-alone file and has no links to a homepage, just the article as published.

Re: Citroen BX Survey. - Ian Cook

An interesting read. By the way, I can confirm that I have e-mailed ny application to the CCC this morning - sorry, I went down the pub last night.

Now, that's £30 spent from the £70 I saved by mending the Xantia remote fob. What shall I do with the other £40? Oops, just remembered - the C15D MOT is due later this month, I'd better keep some back.


Re: Citroen BX Survey. - chris watson
as i own a citroen bx, and my mum has just got one also, the best mechanic around is a citroen trained mechanic, his place is in whitley bay, tyne and wear, the place is called hillheads motor engineers, the rear spheres have just cost about £65 including labor + new spheres(not recon). the guy is now retired but he does still fix cars ( a BMW 323 V reg was in his garage yesterday so he must be trusted)
Re: Citroen BX Survey. - Darcy Kitchin
Matter of interest Chris, what car sighted in dealer's garage would cause him *not* to be trusted?
Re: Citroen BX Survey. - chris watson
well if you have a (V) reg BMW, you must get very protective of the car.

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