V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - KM
RE: '96 Omega 2.5 V6 Petrol, 90,000 miles
I would rather not pay main dealer c.£55 for 4 'elastic bands' (cam cover gaskets). I have seen on message boards that motor factors sell them for far less. My local Unipart cant get them.

Anyone recommend a factors that does sell them?

Also, the V6 inlet manifold is in 3 parts. To remove both left & right cam-covers, can I get away with just removing top manifold section only, or will I have to take off middle part as well?

Will I need to renew all of the rubber(?) port seals and bolt 'o'rings inbetween the manifold sections, as stated in Haynes manual, or are they generally OK to re-use? Can I get these from factors or is it MD only?

Many thanks in advance
V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - Chad.R

Have a look at this closely related previous thread ...
In it there is a link to
(though I can't connect to it presently )
which details the whole procedure of changing the camcovers on an Omega 2.5V6 with the added benefit of pictures.

Never attempted it myself but had them changed at a local garage on my 3.0 Omega and it's a pig of a job (apparently).

V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - BodgeJob
I have changed the gasket on one side myself. I initially obtained the gasket from a factor but having got the cam cover off discovered it was the wrong one (not clever!) and they did not stock the one I needed (even less clever!) so I wound up going to the local Vx dealer. In retrospect I think this is the best plan any way. After all this is not the sort of job you want to repeat. I can't remember how much of the inlet manifold needs to come off but suspect you will need to do both upprt parts, would reccommend giving your self as much room as possible). With regard to O rings I asked for them a the Vx dealer and they did not stock them (and had in the past ordered very few), they did stock several CC gaskets though. The parts guy said if the mechanics replaced them they would keep them in stock. I have had the induction hardware off three times now (leaking oil cooler connection, new HT leads and the gasket) and re-used the seals on each occasion to no obvious detriment. Don't forget the Vx gasket sealent either around the cut outs and pinch points, as per Haynes manual.

V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - KM
Many thanks for the benefit of your experience Jon. Have started dismantling but rain stopped play!
V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - Ian J
I think you have to remove both top sections of the inlet manifold - I certainly did so. While gaskets seem expensive you have to set that in the context of the time to do the job and the consequent cost if a dealer were doing it. It is tricky getting the bolts in and out of the bottom part of the inlet manifold be careful. There is lots of advice as suggested to you on the website. Ps reference seals Haynes says that you must renew the botton seals and should renew top ones, however if you do so they can add significantly to the cost. In my case I renewed bottom ones.
Ps dont forget to clean out breather pipes when you have everything off.
Good Luck
V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - KM
Thanks for the advice again. Manifold top section nearly off.

I can't get the throttle cable off the throttle cam balljoint. Following Haynes I have removed the tiny retaining clip but it is not coming off with moderate prising. Am I missing a trick here??? it moves freely on the balljoint, but it won't pop off.

I have also broken one of the 4 plastic tube/connecting pipe things that are moulded into the back of the plastic slab that sits on the very top of the manifold. The vacuum/breather hoses are attached to them. Anyone else done this? and how did you fix it? or will I need a new one?

V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - BodgeJob
The throttle cable is easy when you know how. Just use a pair of pliers and grip the metal section where the wire goes into the joint, at 90 degrees to the cable. Then just twist the pliers upwards twisting it of the ball.
I too managed to break one of the lugs off the vacuum distribution thingy. Tried super-glueing it to no avail. Wound up buying a new one at around £35 if I remember corectly. Breakers might be an option but it does tend to get gunged up so may be a new one is no bad thing. You will need to prise the edge of the top cover with the Vx logo off (gently!)with a screw driver, there are about 2 points which need to be relesed on one side or the other. Having got it off there is a screw underneath but be warned you cannot get it off from the front end with the throttle body in place on the manifold. Dip the ends of the vacuum tubes into a mug of hot water for a few minutes to warm them up and make them easier to refit do this before you refit the new distribution piece and it will be esier to do (don't let the water run down the tubes). I have not replaced the clips as they seem to be tight enough without.

V6 Omega Cam-cover Gasket Change - KM
Thanks BJ, very much appreciated. Will investigate tomorrow.

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