Bike Carriers - BMDUBYA
Hi BR'ers I'm looking for a universal rear mounted bike carrier, any suggestions, tips and advice?

Thanks in advance
Bike Carriers - Hugo {P}
I see a lot of these down my way.

Many tend to slip down the rear window allowing the bikes to come dangerously close to the road.

I once saw this happening to the extent that the front wheel was actually turning on the tarmac. I think the car behind him got his attention and he stopped.

The other think is please, for the sake of other road users, buy a trailerboard to put on the back with the lights and registration clearly visable.

So many people fit a carrier and because the lights and plate are so easily visable BERFORE the bikes go on, they don't see it as a problem.

You may have guessed by now that I am not a great fan of these wreched things!

Have you considered roofbars with the cycle carrier attachement instead? Thule and Paddy Hopkirk do a good range of these.

Bike Carriers - AR-CoolC
I have a very nice paddy Hopkirk item that attaches to the hatch. But I always remove the wheels and store them in the car so that they don't obstruct the tail lights.
I used to have one of those items that is part of the roof rack and holds the bike upside down, but it has got lost somewhere in the loaning out stages, I prefer the rear carrier as you can keep an eye on your pushy as your traveling along, so if it does come loose you have prior notice.

To get my work head on, you can't fit these carriers to hatch backs where there is no bodywork above the glass ( if you know what I mean ) if the clamps are onto the edge of the screen i.e. ford puma, fiat brava, you will soon be needing a replacement ( which of course I'm happy to supply you with ).
Bike Carriers - RickyBoy
Thule do a great \'clip-on\' one for around £100.
Bike Carriers - BobbyG
I still feel that car boots are not build to withstand the weight of 2 or 3 bikes hanging from the hinges. Not to mention what drag is on this when you are doing 60 mph.

Also, what happens if a car bumps you from behind? What might have been a small bump may turn into a bike going through the back windscreen?

As a half way measure I would suggest the towball mounted carrier, Halfords do one that hinges away so that you can access the boot as well. I realise this means getting a towbar buy you can get these eupplied and fitted for just over £100 now.

Depending on your bike and its weight, you may find it difficult lifting and lowering this from a roof bar.
Bike Carriers - Hugo {P}
I would second a towball mounted carrier.

Much safer as this area of the car is designed to take extra forces (unless you own a Mk5 escort that is!).

In addition, you have:

The electrics for that all inportant light bar, and
a tow hitch in case you need to hire a trailer for moving, clearing out the garden etc.

Bike Carriers - JohnM{P}
Look at for lots of info and advice.

Which? report had an interesting table showing how different types affected fuel consumption.
If normal cost of fuel for 1000 miles was £105, approx.costs for bike carriers were as follows:
1 bike roof mounted - £120
1 bike high rear mounted - £128
2 bike high rear mounted - £140
3 bike high rear mounted - £155
1 bike towbar mounted - £113
2 bike towbar mounted - £116


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