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COLOGNE, Germany, October 3, 2003 -- Ford diesel technology is staying ahead of the curve on two important emissions issues in the environmentally sensitive European market.

The European exhaust gas emissions standard, known as the Euro Stage IV, will be the strictest in the world when it goes into effect in 2005.

But a Euro Stage IV compatible version of the Mondeo Duratorq 130 PS TDCi is available beginning this month in selected European markets.

The Euro IV compliance was achieved largely through detail changes to the engine and modifications to the fuel injection system. The new engine has virtually residue-free combustion.

The Stage IV Mondeo will initially replace Stage III versions in the U.K. and German markets. Euro Stage IV emissions capability will be extended to Fiesta and Fusion TDCi models next year.

Ford diesel technology also is progressing in the control of particulate emissions. Particulates are microscopic particles of soot emitted by diesel engines. As part of its commitment to making its engines as clean as possible, Ford is introducing an optional filter to capture those polluting and potentially harmful emissions.

Developed with PSA Peugeot Citroën and introduced at last month's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) makes its debut in the Focus C-MAX Duratorq TDCi engine lineup.

Available in selected European markets, the new DPF system is targeted to reduce particulate emissions by more than 98 percent to meet future emission standards.

Introduction of a DPF system is possible through the development of latest-generation common-rail engines and a new ceramic filter. The filter not only traps particulate mass during normal operations, but also automatically regenerates itself by burning off those trapped particles.

Ford Euro IV Diesel Info - RichardW
>Particulates are microscopic particles of soot emitted by diesel engines.

Pity they missed that petrol engines make as much as diesel engines these days in PM 2.5 range that matters. Perhaps with the advent of Euro IV and particulate traps people will stop trying to put about that diesel engines are not as 'clean' as petrol engines.

Let us not forget that petrols have had cats for 10 years to get them near the CO performance of diesels.

Oh well, rant off.

Hmm, maybe petrols will become very very cheap in a year or two and I'll have to swtich back as they'll be cheaper???


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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