New Tax Discs - daveyjp
Bought a new tax disc yesterday and noticed they have changed them to incoporate more security measures presumably to prevent copying - foil inserts, new colours, barcode etc. Unfortunately the date when it expires is printed in gold! Result you can hardly see the print when the tax disc is in place.

Can the barcode be scanned to check the disc is in the correct car - i.e. stop people nicking the disc and changing the reg written on it?
New Tax Discs - pdc {P}
Check out this page for designs thru the years
New Tax Discs - CMark {P}
Hey, its Virtualgaz! Fame at last for my mate from LR and the one who gave me this nickname! Plus that is my tatty looking Spitfire featured somewhere! (Looks a lot better now.)
New Tax Discs - rawedge
I bought one for my car on monday and noticed the new measures as well, they did seem to stand out as a whole a lot more, so maybe its to help bring peoples attention to them although i do agree about the date being harder to read
New Tax Discs - Thommo
The barcode is bound to be there so it can be scanned.

I think they look pretty...
New Tax Discs - Dwight Van Driver
These are a new issue from this month so on expriry file the old one away somewhere. In ten years time it will be a collectors item as one of the first....

New Tax Discs - Hugo {P}
These are a new issue from this month so on expriry
file the old one away somewhere. In ten years time it
will be a collectors item as one of the first....


There will always be some idiots displaying the current one for years to come!

New Tax Discs - Pugugly {P}
According to a circular we received at the Office, the bar code is there to assist the Post Office to electronically keep track of its documents. It is a DVLA circular.
New Tax Discs - Pugugly {P}
By the way DVD just returned from Yorks. Think I got pinged by their mobile speed camera on the A1237...whoops ! You are right it is a beautiful place, especially in Autumn.
New Tax Discs - Tim Allcott
There's also a bar code on the renewal notice (which was scanned in the Post Office).
Speaking of Post Offices, I renewed my Disc from work. Wanted to check which local post office would do it, so went to If you need to find a local P.O. issuing RFL's it's very helpful. The maps in particular are VERY impressive: ask it to find a P.O. near you, press the "map" option, then press one of the white buttons to the right of the junction details.
New Tax Discs - Vin {P}
Perhaps before putting it in the car you could add an extra line to the barcode with a biro and see if that helps the traffic wardens.

New Tax Discs - Pugugly {P}
Mmm seen a few of these out on the road today. It is difficult to
read the expiry date from an distance at all...their colour is so blan it is diffcult to say what it is, could be the old reversed tax disc dodge.

Wouldn't suggest altering the bar-code...might bring you before a very different sort of bar.
New Tax Discs - Wales Forester
Quite unintentionally, the bar code on my new disc is obscured nicely by the windscreen manufacturers marking.
I agree about the poor legibility of the date in comparison to the previous design, and they call this progress?!


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