Pricing for a Police Toyota Landcruiser - Darren
I am looking to see if anyone knows what sort of price a 2001 Y plate Landcruiser Colorado GX Auto should get direct at auction.

The Vehicle is white with 158 000 miles on the clock.

Looking at Parker's guide it suggests about £14k for a retail with retail mileage , but given the fact of the higher than standard mileage and the extra holes and poor paintwork likely. Is a fair estimate about 50% of the poor retail price.

A quick response would be appreciated as the vehicle in question is going through leominster car auctions tommorrow night.
Pricing for a Police Toyota Landcruiser - Wales Forester
Not all police forces drill holes in vehicles these days, especially on higher priced vehicles that may actually give some financial return when they come up for sale, such as your Landcruiser.
A lot of the newer police traffic cars I have seen around have the light bar mounted on roof rack style rain gutter brackets with any aerials fitted to a plate attached to the base of the light bar and the wiring neatly disappearing through the weather seal.

Remember also that the majority of police forces cover their vehicles in high visibility reflective vinyl which protects the original paintwork underneath.

I can't help you with the price it may reach but I'd be interested to know what it does actually make.
Good luck.

Pricing for a Police Toyota Landcruiser - T Lucas
I would guess,subject to condition etc,that around £8,000 would buy it,intresting to know though.


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