Traffic cops on BBC1 - Flat in Fifth
Not seen too much TV lately due to being busy and the idiot box being monopolised by various Fame Academy addicts. (Is that programme tedious or what?)

However considering the adverse comments earlier (last series?) where South Yorks Met Police did not cover themselves in glory I thought this was generally a better effort. Well done SYMP, especially seeing as more hands free comms in place, albeit installation a bit dodgy in places, but credit where it's due chaps.

Beat car in the ditch! Bet that cost a few cuppas and sticky buns in the canteen.

As for those dozy women with kiddie in pushchair intending to walk in the dark on a pedestrian barred road from Sheffield to Doncaster!

Accident inv'n on the Manor. "Justice with Courage" in action
Traffic cops on BBC1 - Darren
The thing with the dozy women walking along the road , a question to be asked is how much police resources were used to return them safely home.

My estimate is 2 Police cars 1 for the women and 1 for the push chair. A 20 mile trip each way so the equivalent of 1 car driving 80 miles. 30 minutes for the initial officer to get them in the car after being hopeless at trying to fold the pushchair down and then another 45 minutes per car where they were unable to respond to any other calls whilst deliver these people.

Surely it would have been cheaper and more cost effective just to pay for a Taxi to take them home , rather than the escort service provided by the forces top drivers.
Traffic cops on BBC1 - terryb
Also, did you spot that car with the old bakelite-style telephone handset (only lacked the plaited cord) for a radio mike??? Contrast to hands-free stuff in other cars.

Hope it gets replaced before 1 December!

Traffic cops on BBC1 - owen
a lot of police cars retain those types of mike as a backup in case the hands free stuff fails.
Traffic cops on BBC1 - buzbee
What about the baby being carried tucked inside someone's safety belt. About time there was a bit of official tele publicity about this.

I once tried to advise some woman car passenger of the hazard of doing this (saying what would happen in a crash stop). The facial expression and excuses I got was a sort of mind your own business and she carried on doing it. Why did I bother.

Traffic cops on BBC1 - terryb

I know what you're up against. Seen yesterday morning on the way to work: 1 woman in elderly Renault estate car (8 seater, not an Espace)carrying 5 children to school plus one pre-school toddler. Not a single one, adult or child, belted up.
I depair.

Traffic cops on BBC1 - John Shelton
All out Derbyshire vehicles, including support vans have the old style handsets even where the new radios which replaced vhf have been fitted. They are invaluable
Traffic cops on BBC1 - Fullchat
Have already posted this one on another thtead but I thought I would dig it out again to give a true insight into Police work!

Just thought I'd share this one with the backroom. It is an extract from a letter contributed to the magazine 'Police' which has a page dedicated to the more light hearted moments of the service or in other words where someone has made an utter prat of themselves.

Perhaps wishful thinking but it is a suggestion for an automated answering sevice. "Please select one of the following options"

1. To whine about us not solving a problem that you created - press 1.

2. To inquire wether someone has to die before we'll do something about a problem - press 2.

3. To report an officer for bad manners when in reality they are only trying to keep your neighbourhood safe - press 3.

4. If you would like us to raise your children - press 4.

5. If you would like us to take control of you life due to your chemical or alcohol dependency - press 5.

6. If you would like us to instantly restore order to a situation that took years to deteriorate - press 6.

7. To provide a list of officers you personally know so we will not take enforcement action against you - press 7.

8. To sue us or tell us that you pay our salary and you'll have our badge or to proclaim our careers over - press 8.

9. To whine about a ticket and/or complain about the many other uses of the Police rather than keeping you in order - press 9.

So you see we do have a sense of humour!!!!!!!


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