omega clunk - happyvaux
Hi all, car is a 2.oL 16v omega auto box. 89K on clock.

When I slow down I get a mechanical clunk sound. It's either when changing from 3rd to 2nd, or from 2nd to 1st during braking. Access is dismal underneath, even so I wouldn't know what to check 1st. Anyone any ideas? Hope I don't need a new gearbox!

omega clunk - Daz
I often get this too, though only intermittently, also my engine managment light comes on ocassionally when hammering it in sports mode.

I got the vauxhall dealer to read off the codes from the ECU and they couldn't decipher the problem!

omega clunk - happyvaux
Hi Daz,
sorry to hear that u have same problem but I want my post back at the top of the page...

Here's hoping someone has a clue but not "just take it to a garage!"

omega clunk - SpamCan61 {P}
I'd post your problem over on the 'omega_owners' Yahoo group; there's a lot of autobox knowledge on that group. Then there's the group as well.
omega clunk - happyvaux
Thanx Spam, think I'll try the option.( My Pc's only just been rescued after being 'browser hijacked & registry edited' whilst lowering security settings in order to get in to Yahoo sites.)


Ps. no insult meant Daz....just being straight.
omega clunk - happyvaux
By the way, Daz I meant to tell u earlier, did u know u can get Gunson readers for £17 at Halfords to read vauxhall's EMS codes? Mine has certainly paid for itself many times over.

omega clunk - oscar

Slightly off topic. Your other thread about tappet noise. I have the same problem with a leaking exhaust manifold gasket and broken stud.

You mentioned that you found someone local to repair. Can you say who and where. Main dealer is way to expensive to repair.


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