Avensis purchase - jammods
I\'m seriously sonsidering buying an Avensis at the weekend, ex lease 2000 1.8 cdx 88k, FSH etc, any reasons why I shouldnt? ie known problems or too high mileage?

Thanks in advance

Avensis purchase - Altea Ego
Avensis purchase - No Do$h
I had an "R" plate CDX and found it handled like a sofa. The more gently you drove it, the more it wallowed. I really don't recommend you drive one hard!

May have been improved by 2000, but suggest you place the family in the car and take it for a reasonable A-road jaunt to make sure you won't be wiping the seats clean every 5 miles or so.

If anyone has more recent experience that contradicts this I would be interested to hear, as in every other respect it was a superb car.
Avensis purchase - jammods
Avensis purchase - RichardW
We've got a couple of 51 plates on the pool car fleet at work. The 'handling' is truly horrible - I had to back off on my normal route home because I wasn't convinced that it would stay on the road! Mind you, might be a way of avoiding a speeding fine - but personally I would avoid the Avensis!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
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The price is too steep at £4750 I'm afraid.

I am selling my 2000W mondeo ghia for about 3 and a half
Look under the classifieds heading.

Avensis purchase - MB
I have an estate and it has been excellent - the handling isn't the best, but around town and on motorways it's fine. Very quiet and relaxing to drive and in my case entirely problem free - even after 100k. Good economy and good package.
Avensis purchase - peterb
Agree with MB.

If you drive primarily on fast, straight roads and/or in town, then it's a fine, quiet,well-equipped and relaxed car. However, if you use a lot of B roads or roundabouts or if you like high speed cornering, look elsewhere (previous Primera, Mondeo).
Avensis purchase - jammods
I must admit i'm suprised to hear about the handling issues.

I think I'll have to drive one for myself and see!

thanks for all replies

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