snooper 6 gps camera system - prelude
Hi I have jsy acquired the snooper 6 neo GPS speed camera system. without the radar bit. I would appreciate any users views out there as to how good it really is.

I seem to get some odd warnings at times. the manual does not give any info on the types of warning one might experience.

any relevant feedback welcome.

snooper 6 gps camera system - terryb

I don't have this one - I have a Geodesy. However, as they both work on GPS I have to tell you that you will get alerts if you're within warning range of any camera's GPS co-ordinates, eg on a parallel road, or any nearby road. Prime examples of this on M25 between Js 9 and 8. One warning for camera on overbridge, limit 40mph, another at J8 where there's a camera just off the slip road at the top of Reigate hill. On the Geodesy this latter one only goes 4 lights up the scale because you never get closer to it than 600m. Does that explain your "odd" warnings?

Other out-of-the ordinary warnings I get are for SPECS cameras where the thing shrieks at you through the whole zone being monitored and on M25 for gantry cameras, which it assumes are set on 50 mph all the time. Oh, and roadworks cameras which have been removed but not taken off the database yet.

Hope that helps

snooper 6 gps camera system - smokie
I had one WITH the radar for a few months. I was quite impressed with the speed camera location, but found about 3 cameras which were not on it's database. Remember to dial in regularly to keep it up to date. I was less impressed with the radar/laser detection.

But I really wanted satnav, so replaced the Neo with SmartNav which gives me directions and traffic info and, for £6 pm extra, speed camera detection.

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