focus vibration through seats - Andy22
hi, my nearly new focus which i bought recently has an issue

it firstly had a shaking steering wheel on the duel carrageway and a vibration through the seats.

took it back the the place i bought it from and the swapped the wheels front to rear and no more shakey wheel.

anyone know what would cause the vibration throught the seats as it is under warranty?

thats my only fault with the car, but i do believe it was a curtosey car before i bought it?
focus vibration through seats - timp
I guess that if the car had been sitting in the forecourt for a long time, the front tyres may have developed flat patches where they contact the ground, particularly if the tyre pressures were low.

Swapping them to the rear probably resolved the steering vibration issue but simply moved the problem to the back of the car where you still feel the vibration through the seat.

Perhaps check the tyre pressures are correct and take it for a long drive on the motorway to warm the tyres up and they may become round again?
focus vibration through seats - Sooty Tailpipes
I agree, ask the dealer to swap the wheels and tyres with those on a new one which doesen't vibrate. They must have lots on the forecourt?
focus vibration through seats - Andy22
would this be covered under ford warrenty or not ie just complimentary considering i've just bought the thing!
focus vibration through seats - timp
Tyres are considered 'wear and tear' items and so would not normally be covered by the warranty.

Ford dealers vary massively in terms of quality and generosity.

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