Pollen filters - Alvin Booth
The recent discussion on whether to clean or replace pollen filters suddenly made me think....
If you are fortunate enough not to be affected by pollen why bother having a filter in there anyway.
We didn't use to have them so are we wasting our money putting them in if we don't need them???
Re: Pollen filters - Ash Phillips
If you're stuck behind a large commercial belching soot it helps keep it out of your lungs, the cars interior and reduces the smell. Well worth 20 quid a year in my book.
Re: Pollen filters - Ian Cook
It's a pity that they don't make a filter to remover the awful stench from petrol engined cars - especially the older Fords (probably carburettors) and similar pre-cat bangers.

People keep going on about diesels but I personally find stinking petrol exhaust fumes to be far more unpleasant.
Re: Pollen filters - John Slaughter
Thing is Ian, we didn't notice this when we all drove non-cat equipped cars! It does, though illustrate how much air quality has improved over the years.


Re: Pollen filters - Ian Cook
You're quite right John - and I, for one, welcome the improvements.

As well as driving I like to walk and cycle and I can't imagine what it would be like turning the clock back 10 years in terms of emissions technology, with the volume of traffic we have today.

It must be purgaory in parts of the third world - didn't Clarkson cover India in one of his programmes?
Re: Pollen filters - Mike Holland
As one who is allergic (violent headaches) to overchoked engines, my life has immeasurably improved since the introduction of catalytic convertors. Also seriously affected by de-gassing of plastics in my Laguna in hot weather.

Mike Holland
Re: Pollen filters - Dave M
Am i the only one to remeber the complaints of catalytic convertors smelling of rotten eggs in the early ninetys?
Re: Pollen filters - John Slaughter
As the smell was sulphur dioxide, it should be cured by the current low sulphur petrol.


Cat smells. - David Woollard
You do still smell them now and again John. Had to pass one the other day as the smell was quite unpleasant as we followed the car. Got my own back by allowing the turbo to slip into max boost and covered him with soot, safe clean soot of course!

In the early nineties I had a real job with British Gas. I was sometimes asked to give a second opinion on reports of Gas Escapes within a premises.

During that period we were forever being called out to garage workshops/showrooms for the "gas smell". It used to be a cat every time. Odd that the guys themselves didn't make the connection.

Funnily enough the local Rover dealer was the worse offender. More cautious or did they have smellier cats I wonder?

Re: Cat smells - Dave M
Dave if its your rover dealer then im afraid we all know what the nasty smell is
Crikey - got away with it! - John Slaughter
I'm amazed - my error wasn't picked up! I should have said that the smell was caused by hydrogen sulphide, NOT sulphur dioxide.

Only excuse is that I've been reviewing an Environmental Statement today, and that has many references to sulphur dixide.

Sorry guys


Your turbo is knackered, Brian - David Lacey
I have thought (and smelt the same) for a while now, Brian

I am struggling to find a reason for the different smells from the exhausts of similar models


PS The title of this thread is just to get people to look here.......
Cat smells - David Lacey
The gas/rotten egg smells at the local Rover dealer were probably caused by the unregulated catalysts on carburettor equipped Rover Metros. These were especially smelly as there was no lambda sensor to oversee the fuelling and the high sulphur content of the petrol back then.

I find the exhaust smell of 10 year old Escorts/Cavaliers etc particually foul especially if the engine seems to be burning some oil.
I am forced to turn on the recirculation function of the heater to keep the stench out of my car.

The smell from the exhausts of certain XUD engined diesels can be a bit overpowering at times - I don't know what it is but they can smell far more 'fragrant' than other 'regular' diesels. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking/smelling this.


Re: Cat smells - Marman
My cat smells awful but not as bad as the dog when its wet.
Re: Exhaust Pongs - Brian
I dislike the exhaust smell on my Pug turbo, but didn't mind it at all on the normallyaspirated 309. Don't understand why it should be so different.
Re: Your turbo is knackered, Brian - Brian
I hope you are joking about the title, otherwise the smell is going to be coming from my trousers! :-) or is it :-(
Re: Occasionally niffy - Carole Adams
Why does my cat smell only occasionally then? Every so often it gives off the old eggy smell with a vengeance but as a rule it smells fine. I thought perhaps it was when it had done a series of short, low speed journeys (yes, yes I know it's not good for it) but I can't say I've noticed any pattern.

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