My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - PaulJ
I'm in the market for a used MPV around the 4K mark, now that kind of money will buy you something with 100k+ on the clock. My dad always used to say 100,000 dont touch it son. Are the likes of the Espace or Previa still good for plenty after this milestone?
Or is it not a milestone anymore?
Any thoughts appreciated.
My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - Phoenicks
All cars are different. However, in this day and age, if a car is maintained properly then most will go over this with not many issues.

I'd personally go Previa rather than Espace due to materials quality.

Its an imaginary line and all in the head.......
My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - volvoman
Don't think 100k's a major milestone anymore - my Volvo's done 140k and still going strong (touch wood). Also I reckon the type of mileage is far more important than the amount. 100k of mainly motorway driving has got to be less damaging than 100k of urban crawl, clutch balancing and gear crunching ! Having said that I'm sure there are some cars which handle high mileages far better than others and I'm sure others here will be able to advise you on that aspect.
My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - cockle {P}
I don't think 100K is anything particularly special these days, my two previous vehicles were both bought with fairly high mileage on them. Orion bought with 115K on, sold four years later with 135K, has just been scrapped six years later with 197K on due to accident damage and has had hardly any mechanical problems to speak of. Cavalier bought six years ago with 98K just been outed with 149K, again, cost me virtually nothing mechanically.
Must admit, back 30 years ago it always seemed that you were taking a risk with anything more than 65K, due big-ends, rebore or sleeving very soon. But when was the last time you heard someone talking about big-end problems?
Much more likely these days to be timing belt causing you grief, and with good regular oil changes and diligent belt changes I don't think you'll find a lot of problems with modern vehicles.

I can't talk about the particular vehicles you mention as I have no real experience with them but no doubt someone will be along soon who has.

My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - Hugo {P}
Such issues as piston slap etc used to be an issue, when they used to build engines with bigger clearences.

Engine and gearbox design and manufacture has moved on significantly. Technology used for other mechanical and electronic bits have come a long way as well in terms of reliability.

The last two high mileage cars I sold were a Rnault 11 GTL with 106K on the clock, and a Fiat Regata with 91K on the clock.

I had no shortage of takers for the Renault - back in 1993. The Fiat was a bit harder to sell, not for the mileage, but For the fact it was a Fiat Regata.

My Renault Trafic diesel Van has 185K and my newly acquired Discovery has 95K. Both run and drive very well, and the van may now need a new exhaust section. Well so what, it's cost me a pittance to run.

A friend of mine put a total of 197K on a Carlton estate before the engine finally died.

Fact is, with regular servicing, your 100K miles car will go on for another 100K before you start to have eny problems with it unless you're unlucky.

My Dad and 100,000 on the clock - Aprilia
Its impossible to say really. 100k miles is a big distance and a lot can happen in that time.

A people carrier is likely to have been a family vehicle and seen lots of school runs, trips to football practice etc etc. It could be a very different kettle of fish to a Mondeo thats been sat at 70mph on the motorway all day. You have to make a judgement based on the individual vehicle.

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