Mazda 6 auto - El Hacko
Clearly Mazdas are reliable. Before I try for myself, anyone able to report on model 6 driving impressions e.g. smoothnesss of transmission, build quality, ride, handling and mpg, pse? And do they have reach-adjustable steering?

Mazda 6 auto - Aprilia
Check they're not still using a Ford auto transmission...!
Mazda 6 auto - LongDriver {P}
They're not!

Steer clear of the 2.3 AWD Estate with tiptronic style box'll get there faster walking!

Mazda 6 auto - Maurice
I own a Mazda 6 1.8TS. I find it very solid and well made with no rattles. The ride is a little on the hard side but the handling is excellent. Fuel consumption is heavier than my Toyota Carina E 1.8 but has more power. Equipment level is very good considering the cost of the car.

Overall I am very hapy with my Mazda 6.
Mazda 3 auto - BaseRSXmanual
You guys have an AWD Mazda 6 in the UK?? Wow, I'm jealous!
Mazda 3 auto - Pugugly {P}
Neighbour had one of the diesel AWDs - Mazda took it back and replaced it with a 2WD for free. it was seriously slow (especially towing). He finds the 2WD very thirsty compared to the A4 diesel he had. (when towing). Impressed with the car in general, but he's going back to an Audi next time he changes.
Mazda 6 auto - hillman
I am looking at the 2.3 Sport as an alternative to my present Legacy. I have hesitated because of the rims and tyres and the switches on the steering wheel.

The wheels are 17 in. alloy. The amount of rubber between the rim and road looks to be about 1.5 in. and the rim is proud of the tyre. In my locality the roads are bad and growing worse, poor surface and crumbling edges. I wouldn't feel secure with such delicate hardware. I like the security of a steel rim and a good fat heavy duty tyre.

I rented a Vauxhall Astra with switches on the wheel. Everytime I went around a corner the radio changed to a pop station (Radio 1, generally). It is very frustrating when one is listening to the business news or Classic FM.

I am waiting until November to look at the 2004 Legacy before deciding.
Mazda 6 auto - LongDriver {P}
Diesel AWD Mazda6? There's only a petrol 2.3 isn't there?

As for alloy wheels, the Mazda6 I had at the back end of last year suffered from scuffed alloys, so I would concur with that one.

Regarding steering wheel mounted controls, I've got a 2003 Galaxy with "multifunction" steering wheel - controls for cruise and audio are on the steering wheel. The only problem I have is not being able to find the horn button (I'm used to thumping the centre of the wheel!) and similarly honking people when I try and press the Resume button for cruise control.

If you keep retuning the radio whilst you're steering, you either have very big hands or your steering style is not correct?
Mazda 6 auto - hillman
I think that the 2.3Sport is petrol only. The salesman and mechanic who attempted to answer my questions said that the style of the car was aimed at the same kind of person who drives the Mazda 5 sports car. This will explain the big alloy wheels. My impression of the Mazda 5 driver is one of those leggy girls in advertising. Nothing wrong with that, of course. The wheels remind me of the old boy scout trek cart.
Mazda 6 auto - Vansboy
Hillman - how come you're not thinking in the direction of Rx8???

Mazda 6 auto - BaseRSXmanual
We don?t have many diesel cars in the States. What are the advantages/disadvantages of a diesel car? I know very little about them.
Mazda 6 auto - DavidHM
Diesels are much more economical than petrol cars, and mainly because of the turbo, have much more torque for the equivalent power, which means that they pick up more quickly at lower revs (i.e., at 50 in 5th, you might keep up with a petrol in 3rd).

Disadvantages: noise, less power than an equivalent petrol when you take the turbo away, sometimes a narrow power band (although this is quite unusual), certain emissions are higher, more company car tax.

By the way, the Mazda6 AWD isn't that slow, it's just a very expensive way of slowing down a car that works very well in the base 1.8, 2.0 and diesel versions. I'd quite like one, I just wouldn't pay the extra over a normal, lower spec version.
Mazda 6 auto - hillman
I live in a very hilly country district. When it snows it is generally very little, maybe an inch, but it quickly gets hard packed. Then you either leave your car at home or wherever it was when the snow began. The only car I've owned which is really at home in all conditions is the Legacy. Also, it is very big in the rear, and when I garden for other OAP's it can take all of my garden tools and many bin bags full of rubbish to the tip.


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