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toshiba cars??? - chris watson
when i was in guernsey i saw a car made by toshiba, the owner said its the same company that makes household electrical items, it looks like a lexus LS430, but the guy said it cost him £12000, and that price included shipping, tax, etc.
Re: toshiba cars??? - DKW
Re: toshiba cars??? - chris watson
what the hell is that supposed to mean???
Toshiba cars? - David Lacey
Made by Kenwood, perhaps?
Re: Toshiba cars? - Victor
Did it have a good stereo?

I dont know about this particular one, but Acura is another brand made by Honda (and they also make TVs). This is also similar to Eunos (mazda). Most Japanese companies seem to operate under two brands. Anyone else know of any?

Re: Toshiba cars? - chris watson
it was one of those radios that the tape/CD is behind the display, and the radio display had 3-D graphics.
Re: Toshiba cars? - Rod Maxwell
I believe that Infiniti is the up-market brand of Nissan in the US.

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