Range Rover reliability - Bill Black
A colleague of mine is seriously thinking about a late Range Rover or Discovery. They really get a beating in the reliability tables but are they really as unreliable as they seem? After all Citroens don?t get a good press either but so far I?ve had eight years of really troublefree motoring from my two, one C5 from new and one ex-demo Xantia with 500m. on the clock.
Range Rover reliability - lordwoody
I had a Range Rover for a couple of years and never had any trouble with it, in fact it was one of the nicest cars I've owned, not only for comfort and visibility but also that lovely V8 growl
on acceleration. Servicing was not cheap however, but the real killer was fuel consumption. As a freelancer I was going through a bit of a financial low point and it got to the point I could barely use it as I couldn't afford to keep filling it up. You could see the fuel gauge dropping as you drove. If you can afford 14mpg it's great, if not don't bother. I suppose you could get a diesel but there just not as good IMHO.

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