The New Z4 what do you think - Blue_nova
i have only seen a few of these cars around. I think they are dam good cars, but my friends think different please point me in the right direction.

Well look at that
The New Z4 what do you think - Blue {P}
All I can say is Wow!!!!!!

They're brilliant cars, my dad has one in red and it looks *stunning*!

It performs brilliantly and he says it holds the road better than any other car that he has driven, ever.

Also, everyone stops and looks at it as it passes. But get a bright colour, the dark ones are so dull.

Anything specific you want to know?

The New Z4 what do you think - Flat in Fifth
Firmly on my lottery win garage list.

I'd even put up with the "BMW drivers never being let out of side roads" syndrome.

Experience of one short (but quick!) drive is all I can offer I'm afraid and it lasted about ten years too short.

Nuff said?

Re colour it was a left hooker in Sterling Grey and it looked OK to me but I'll bow to Blue's better knowledge there. I might just have had my rose tinted specs firmly in place.
The New Z4 what do you think - Blue {P}
Don't get me wrong, it looks good in (almost) any colour, but IMO red makes it stand out more than any other.

The New Z4 what do you think - Marcos{P}
Nice looking car, especially compared to the awfull Z3.
My neighbour has one but his appears to be a friday afternoon car. The paint finish is not what you would expect from BMW, the gearbox has already developed a leak and the steering has developed a knocking noise. All this from a car that has only covered 4,500mls.
BTW All of the above defects are bieng looked at by the dealer so they should all be sorted under warranty.
The New Z4 what do you think - GrumpyOldGit
Sorry to be negative but it's ugly. Too many different lines. Don't like the Z3 either, but the Z8 - now that is (was?) a very beautiful car.
The New Z4 what do you think - Blue {P}
Anyone else noticed the "Z" shape in the lines in the front wings? Have a good look and you will see just how clever the designers have been. I should say though, it was the salesman that pointed this out to me, I'm not clever enough to pick up on details like that myself!

I can understand it's prety much a love it or hate it design, but you've got to hand it to BMW, at least they're trying to be creative with their stuff.

In much the same way that the Ford Focus was considered far too radical and bold when it first came out....

The New Z4 what do you think - Blue_nova
you are right i was lookign at one today and it does have a `Z' shape on the side of the car.
Well look at that
The New Z4 what do you think - paulb {P}
Saw a mucky black one the other day, which didn't look good at all. Totally agree that brighter colours are the way to go.
The New Z4 what do you think - blank
I think it looks great!
A review in the latest Evo mag is pertinent I think. To paraphrase (and from memory), it's new and it's not a Boxter!

The New Z4 what do you think - twinexhaust
Also in Evo a review of the German Hartge conversion. They've managed to shoe-horn the 5 litre V8 from the M5 in. 400 bhp, 0-60 in 4.2 secs and around 180 top end. All at the bargain price of around £80,000.
The New Z4 what do you think - Phoenicks
I think it'll go like the Z3.

great at the beginning, dull and actually having people venting their anger and dislike of it at the end!
The New Z4 what do you think - BaseRSXmanual
Nice. But the S2000 is a better car all the way around for less money. I think the only reason to get a Z4 is if you are really set on the idea of having the status of a BMW.


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