Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Altea Ego
Laguna II - non xenon
Its been asked before but if anyone has any up to date knowledge

Off on a long w/e to europe next month. Anyone got experience of masking the headlamps on a Laguna II non xenon.

The fronts have no marking at all so no clue where to mask.
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - PR {P}
Ive got an Alfa with xenons and Ive just been away in it. What I did was park up facing a garage door, turn the lights on, and using my finger(s) determined how to stop the light which points to the LHS of the car. I then stuck tape there!
No one flashed me whilst driving at night so I presume it was ok! (It only required a small piece on the pass side headlight).
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Altea Ego
Yes figured I would have to do it this way.
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Vagelis
What about consulting with your (always happy to help) local Renault dealer?

I mean, solutions like placing tape over your headlights are not real solutions, are they?

Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Altea Ego
Errr for 4 days use and at the cost of 3" of tape, yes that is THE perfect solution
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - googolplex
Having gone to great lengths to sort out my mondeo lights this summer (France), I was more than a little peeved to find that most British cars over there hadn't bothered. Made me wonder why I did too!
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - toneB
We too returned from a trip (Holland) on Saturday and had to set off at 5am to get to Hook of Holland to catch ferry. I lost the deflectors for my Mondeo and therefore (at 4.55am!) had to improvise. We only had a roll of sellotape and tin foil from our caravan so I did as above drove upto blank wall at campsite (Duinrell) and using tin foil blanked off the part of the headlight (mainly off-side one) which would cause dazzling. I couldn't measure how much light was being allowed out but I swore that the light being blanked off was reflected by the shiny tin foil back into the reflector and that the illumination was much better than the inward journey with official dealer bought reflectors. Or perhaps I dreamt it!!!!
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - mike hannon
Hi Renault Family - I may be able to help.
Following my Honda headlight aiming saga (on another thread) I am in possession of a Halfords headlight adaptors leaflet with a diagram for masking 01-on Renault Laguna lamps with what seems to be plain lenses. If you email me on with your email I will scan it into a jpeg and email it. Over to you...
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Altea Ego
thats what i call service
Email on its way.

Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Sooty Tailpipes
Are you sure there is no LHD conversion lever inside the lamp? there is on certainly 'some' Vauxhalls.

You can also buy beam benders, for about £5.
These are plastic stickers which have a sort of fresnel effect that inverts the light pattern to dip to the right instead of left.
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - RoadDevil
There won't be any lever to adjust the beam as the Laguna II uses a 'free form' reflector headlamp for both Halogen and Xenon, i.e., the beam pattern is formed by the reflector and not the lens as with conventional headlights or projector headlights where the beam cut off and flare to the nearside (left - UK, right - Europe) are formed using a metal shield inside the lamp assembly.

The only lamps that will have a lever are projector types, whether Halogen or Xenon. These levers usually only remove the flare to the nearside so that you end up with a straight cut-off with no flare to either side. As far as I'm aware projector lamps must have this lever to comply with European ECE lighting regulations as the beam pattern can't be correctly altered using a mask on the headlamp outer cover. It seems daft that some manufacturers seem to make these levers very inconvenient to reach, i.e., VW apparently amongst others, whereas others are a two minute job, i.e. my Xenon equipped Vectra. Shock horror, don't tell Mr Clarkson that the Vectra does something right!
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - mike hannon
hi renault family
still waiting to hear from you with your email address
diagram is ready to go...
even though you have clear headlamp glass halfords has a recommended position for using its beam-benders so presumably its the same position for masking
over to you again...
Laguna II Headlamps conversion - Altea Ego
NTLHELL - Sent it once Mike, just sent it again... let me know if it dont arrive and I will Hotmail you.

cheers once again

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