subaru legacy cambelts - nick
I have heard that if Legacy cambelts were to break (which thankfully they're not known for) the pistons and valves don't meet, therefore no damage. Is this true? Can anyone enlighten me please?
subaru legacy cambelts - M.M

SOHC engines are rated as "freewheeling engine"...minimal chance of damage.

DOHC engines rated as "interference type"...damage likely.

Source... trade guide which errs on side of caution.

subaru legacy cambelts - nick
Thanks MM.

Subarus have 2 cams but as it's a flat four that's one per bank so presumably that's a SOHC effectively?
subaru legacy cambelts - kevin babij
Reckon then that Subaru are very much erring on the side of caution with the recommended 45K belt change.
Fair enough i suppose if your regularly towing,or driving on bad road surfaces.
Had two changes done on my former mk1 Legacy wagon and both looked as if they would have gone another 45k.
Wasn`t the mk1 turbo quad cam???
subaru legacy cambelts - Stargazer {P}

Some of the 2.0 and 2.5 litre are quad cam (2 per side) and some are 2 cam (1 per side), you need to know the detailed spec of your particular car as this changes between models and years and countries. My Outback was a one cam per side 2.5l (MY99) in Oz and this was sold alongside twin cam per side models in other countries.

Ian L.

subaru legacy cambelts - nick
Thanks for that Ian. Mine's a 2 cam. I fancy a 3 litre Outback next time, funds permitting.
I must say I'm impressed with the Legacy and Subaru in general. I'm surprised there are so few around, compared to the class competition they're better on just about everything except fuel consumption. Hmm, maybe I answered my own question there. Or maybe the 4wd and the flat four (or 6) frightens them off?
subaru legacy cambelts - kevin babij
High Insurance group rating in the UK doesn`t help and a Farmer Giles reputation puts off the City folk.
Always found the Lincs dealers Chandlers very good but pricy servicing.
Look forward to the GM/Izuzu sourced boxer diesel if it ever gets off the test bench.
Subaru will need it if they ever hope to compete against Volvo/BMW all roaders in Euroland.

Always amazed me that the frameless doors remained water tight!!
subaru legacy cambelts - nick
I've found Chandlers to be good too. The image thing is odd. On the one hand the farmer giles estates and on the other the basball cap Impreza. Hopefully my Legacy saloon is somewhere in between. Mind you, I'd love an Impreza turbo in a 'quiet' colour. I agree on the frameless windows. Even a hose at full blast doesn't get through. Really nice with the windows down too when getting in and out.


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