Omega Hot starting problems .... - Robert Harvey
Hi All,

My Omega V6 has just started to cause problems starting when hot i.e when stopping for petrol, a paper or the like. It always starts, but sometimes only after 2 or 3 attempts with the key.

Its midway between (10,000) mile services and I had the oil/filter & plugs changed a week or so.

Any ideas/comments?

Regards ........... Robert
Re: Omega Hot starting problems .... - Vin

Mine had the same sort of thing, but after longer stops - e.g. 30 mins to 2hrs. In my case, it was the rev sensor for the ECU slowly failing. It eventually gave up completely and cost me £170 (gulp).

This really is a case where it's worth dropping it into a Vauxhall Main Dealer; they plug it into their diagnostic thing and give you an instant diagnosis. My non-franchised dealer even told me to do it, as they have to solve such problems by trial and error.


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