Dealing with minor flaking paint? - Jason Clark
I have a 98 Honda VTI 1.8

Car seemed...well is pretty much in excellent condition since buying it 2 weeks ago.

After a couple of washes I noticed today that there is very small flecks of paint coming off the driver side wing. Nothing major, but will need deal with it. I am wondering what's causing it?

Best way to make the paint work good? Don't know much about DIY.

Buy a can of red spray paint and simple spray it on?

Or will the whole wing need rubbing down with sand paper where it is flaking, primed and then sprayed?

How much would this cost to do by a professional?

Jason Clark
Dealing with minor flaking paint? - Sooty Tailpipes
Probably best to have it done proffessionally, as spraying improves with experience, you first attempts will not be too good.
I would estimate the price to be around £90 for a decent back street job, in an average town.
Dealing with minor flaking paint? - BB
If it is metallic, I would seriously consider going to a back street garage. I found that the costs will vary from place to place, but I would estimate at double the price joosisiqu quoted. It will probably cost around £60-70 for the paint alone!

Mind you, I dont suppose there is any harm in trying it yourself, then taking it to a back street garage after if you have messed it up. You never know, you may have a good spraying action!
Dealing with minor flaking paint? - Anglesey Ian

As you say that you've only had the car 2 weeks, it wasn't purchased from a dealer was it?

Dealing with minor flaking paint? - Jason Clark
It was bought from an Independent Garage. Looking over the car tonight I am probably over reacting.

I guess I washed off the wax put on by the previous owner.

Car looked immaculate when I viewed it to purchase, but it's very minor flecks of paint probably caused by chippings etc, although seem a bit small for chippings.

I waxed it tonight with colour wax and a chip stick and it looks ok, not perfect. Although I am fussy :)

Thanks for the replies.

Jason Clark


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