VW Golf Mk II Central Locking - Antony
I've got a J-reg Mk II Golf Driver (135,000 miles). My central locking appears to have finally given up the ghost - I know from this site that it's a known problem for Golfs of this age (11 years).
The petrol flap is also linked to the central locking, so I need to do something about this. I forced the flap open to fill up recently, but would like to do something about it.

The cheapest option would be to ignore it and get a locking petrol cap, but I've also been told that I can fix this by replacing the "central locking pump". I went to my local German & Swedish who said that they only had one of these for a Mk III Golf (at about £70, they said a dealer would be maybe twice the price?). I am loathe to ring up my local VW dealer as they're very expensive and I don't know how much they could do without me taking the car in. Also, it could cost more than it's worth to do it.

Is it worth me trying to fix this, given the age of the car (still mechanically excellent)? If so, does anybody know roughly what it might cost, and is it something I could do at home (I can get some help)? Or should I just opt for the lockable petrol cap? Or is there another solution?

Thanks in advance,
VW Golf Mk II Central Locking - Robert Fleming
I've never locked the fuel cap on my mk2 on the basis that I'd rather they siphoned some fuel out than cut the fuel pipes.

The only reasons I've ever been able to come up with for locking the fuel cap are to prevent someone maliciously pouring sugar or suchlike in the fuel tank (which would just clog the fuel filter) or a thief trying to fill up after stealing the car (for which I place my faith in the immobiliser).

On top of that, I never had central locking in the first place, so I don't have that much sympathy with you ;)
VW Golf Mk II Central Locking - blank
Whether the job is worth the cost is entirely your judgement! Find out the price and then decide.

In my limited knowledge, these systems are not all that complicated and a competent independent, possibly a VW specialist garage should be able to help you.

I would tend to steer clear of the VW dealer's labour rates (£65/hr +VAT at mine) for getting the job done, but it wouldn't do any harm to take the car down there and see if the service manager is friendly and helpful?

Hope this helps
VW Golf Mk II Central Locking - tonyh
Antony, my son has a 1990 Golf GTI and recently needed a window winder mechanism, I got in touch with Sniffy Dog on the internet and recieved three phonecalls within the hour offering us the required parts,they arrived as promised in two days. its got to be worth a try good luck, Burman

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