Golf Mk 4 - Water Leak? - white robbie
I've got a 1999 Golf Gt Tdi 110, and since about a month now water seems to be entering the car and resting in the passenger footwell. Is this a common fault? any ideas?
Golf Mk 4 - Water Leak? - daryld
Check the coolant level. If it is low then the heater matrix could be leaking. If the level is OK then is possibly a blocked drainage pipe from the windscreen area (but then it hasn't rained has it?!).

Next guess is the door seals.
Golf Mk 4 - Water Leak? - Big John

Check the air con water drainage, make sure its dripping onto the road and not in the car!
Golf Mk 4 - Water Leak? - shoei
Yes it is a known problem my 2002 Golf had water leaks in to both driver & passenger foot wells and was fixed under warranty VW adjusted the doors and fitted new door seals, and a friend with a 2001 Golf also had this done.


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