Caravan Hit By Flying Cow - Nsar
I always knew cows were smarter than they let on...

Caravan Hit By Flying Cow - No Do$h
I worked for Commerical Union for a while (on the Life Assurance side) but shared an office with the regional motor claims department.

I had cause to pop in to talk to one of the engineers, only to find half the office lying on the floor, waving legs in the air and crying with laughter (picture "Life of Brian" and you will get the idea).

The claim form that had caused this mirth was for a new bathroom suite. Under the heading "when did you notice the damage" the claimant had written "I was using the bathroom one morning when I looked down and saw a nasty crack"

Not mototing related, but darn funny at the time.
Caravan Hit By Flying Cow - No Do$h
I should add that the claim was subsequently forwarded to household claims, but not before a few copies were taken.
Caravan Hit By Flying Cow - Cliff Pope
Flying cows are not uncommon. I was once nearly hit by one. It was in a sloping field behind a high-banked lane, and had been rolling about on the ground. The fence gave way and it suddenly fell into the road, landing on its feet. It calmly walked away - it had probably done the trick before when it felt like making a break for freedom.
Caravan Hit By Flying Cow - cockle {P}
In my experience cows tend to glide rather than fly, although they glide a bit like a brick.

On Menorca a few years back I happened to comment to someone that it was remarkable how the cows there were like mountain goats in the way they grazed along the cliff face. About a week later one fell off the cliff and fell onto the beach below, must of fallen about 150', but it managed to get about 40' from the base of the cliff when it hit the sand. Frightened the life out of the Swedish family it landed next to!
Someone went off and fetched the local village policeman and a hour or so later, pretty quick for Menorquin standards, the farmer turned up with a tractor and trailer and carted it off.
Strong smell of barbeques for many days after.......



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