Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
I have now decided to get SWMBO the A4 Avant that she has been eyeing up for some time (chiefly because used V40s and Golf Estates are the sme sort of price) and think that I have narrowed it down to 2:

P reg 1.9tdi (110 bhp) 60k miles £7.5k
S reg 1.8 SE 47k miles £8.5k

The diesel being £1k cheaper might swing it for me but would appreciate any thoughts that the BR might have. Mileage that will be covered will not be huge and I anticipate keeping the car for quite/very long time.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - blank
If she's anything like my wife she'll prefer either
1 - the more expensive one or
2 - the silver or red or whatever her favourite colour is one!!
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
She wants either silver or blue but i tried to explain that with used cars it is a little more tricky to get what you want.

tdi is ruby red and 1.8 is jasper green (another ridiculous colour description)
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - DavidHM
Probably the TDi. Neither outshines the other but the TDi will always sell on.

60k is very low mileage for a TDi of this age though. Does the rest of the car check out? History, condition, HPI?

If not, get the newer one.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - DL
TDi without doubt. No contest.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - Phil G
TDI no doubt. As previously stated not only is it better in nearly all ways it will be easy to shift in the future.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - peterb

the petrol one is newer and SE spec.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
think that the 110tdi only came in SE. However will have a look at them tomorrow and if OK take the wife along on the w/e

Thanks for the advice, sort of what I would prefer anyway
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - mlj
60K on a TDI is cambelt change time. Has it been done would be my first question. If not, take a big breath before asking how much Audi charge for it.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM

many thanks and I think that you have saved me a penny or two. I went and saw the cars today and I must say that they are in immaculate condition and backed up with a 12month warranty I am going back tomorrow.

However I did ring the salesman and ask about the cambelt to which I think took him back a bit as I am sure he doesn't often get asked that.

Petrol needs changing at 60k and diesel at 80k and Audi charge £500 although I am sure my local mechanic can do it for less.

However the salesman said that he was sure that he could come to some arrangement

so, mlj at the next BR meet I'll buy you a pint (or two depending on what I can get from the dealer).
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - mlj
Pleased to help. Never had an Audi but have had two TDIs (VW and SEAT). The standard schedule for cambelt change is 60K. General advice is to get it done before this mileage. I may be wrong on this, but I am unconvinced that 80K is normal for an Audi. Might be worth speaking to a service dept for peace of mind. You can understand why the dealer does not want to foot the bill!
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - Pat L
Go for the TDi, though I think you could get a newer/higher spec one with a higher milage for the same money (possibly less). There's quite a few around so shop around.

Personally, I think an S or T reg Tdi with approx 100k with FSH would be a better buy. Try a search on Autotrader site.

These cars are built to last so if it's got the right history and looks/feels right it'll be ok. Buy newer with higher mileage (as HJ himself generally advises.

Heed the good advice re cam belt changes.

Good luck

Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - Pat L
A few examples in the Midlands area:

AUDI A4 AVANT 1.9 TDI 110bhp QUATRO, 98, R reg. 110000 miles, cactus green, fAsh, sport wheels, a/c, Bose stereo, airbags, excellent economy, immaculate condition. . £7,500

1999 V Reg Audi A4 Avant 1.9TD TDi SE (110) Brillant black, Estate, 138,000 miles , 5 Doors. 5 Full Size Seat Belts, 6040 split rear seats, ABS, Alarm Immobilizer, Alloy Wheels, Audi Concert Music System, Climate Control, Drivers . . . .£7.000

2000 W Reg Audi A4 Avant 1.9TD TDi (90) Diesel, Silver Metallic, Estate, 93,000 miles . ABS, Air-Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Climate Control, One Owner, Remote Alarm Locking, Service History, Twin Airbags, Power-Assisted Steering, Rear . . . .£8.500

Food for thought

Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - Arfur
The diesel is by far the best engine....but the S reg car should have a different dash to the P (changed 98 on) and this may have some effect on the value.
As for Cam belts I was told 80k on my old petrol A4 1.8T so I assume it's the same for the NA 1.8.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
Mrs CM is now the proud owner of the diesel although yet to pick it up. Yes the dash was different on the 98 but to be honest I found the other one acceptable enough (although not as nice). For a £1k difference and an engine that is going to give many more mpg I was happy to sacrifice it.

Out of interest when I drove the car, I found that the brakes extremely efficient and much better than my BM 5 series ones. Is this a common trait with Audis? The steering was also much lighter (and I think preferable) to my car and the gear change was smoother although the power was a little down from what I am used to. I am quite tempted to keep the car for myself and Mrs CM can walk!
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - mlj
Congratulations, CM. I am sure you made the right choice. The TDI 110 is, in my view, the best version.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - moonshine
I have an Audi A4 1.8SE (1999 5v model), the brakes are very sharp and catch you by surprise to start with. A friend at work has an A8, when he took for a service the courtesy car also had very sharp brakes, so sharp that he complained to dealer that he thought it was dangerous.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - ian
That's a bit below the belt HJ, he was happy with his purchase before your message!! Yes once more the obsession with 60k retail motors leaves huge bargains to be had over the 100k mark.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
Thanks HJ & Ian. I take both your points but didn't you (HJ) mention that it had a few problems. Personally 130K miles is a bit too many for me and I really would not have paid £8k for it (although after winding the clock back 100k miles it will make a lovely run about for someone).

Also I was happy to pay "extra" to go to a dealer and get the additional 1 year warranty. The car WAS in very good condition when I bought it but the Mrs has seen fit to scratch both sides and someone kindly left their thumb print on the rear bumper.

It was a little more than I wanted to pay but there was not a great choice of A4 Avants at sensible prices/mileage and I envisage that we will keep the car until it passes away.
Which engined A4 (choice of 2) - CM
PS as I was exchanging the car for a younger one with 35k on it (flogged to my sister), I don't think that the wife would have been too happy with one with 100k on the clock. It was bad enough getting her a car which was older (although I was surprised that she noticed!!)

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