C5 - rain sensors - Bill Black
What's the general feeling about rain sensors?
Mine didn't turn off soon enough after short showers so I had them de-activated and forgot all about them. But a friend with a new BMW swears by them so now my wife wants me to get ours activated again although I reckon they're a bit gimmicky. Thanks for all advice about my mirrors too, I got them to sort of work, but I have to 'wake them up' every morning first.
C5 - rain sensors - Mondaywoe
Hi Bill

I wouldn't say they come on exactly when I want them to, but they're not bad. On balance, I think I prefer them to a fixed intermittent speed. They're probably most useful when driving in light rain in heavy traffic. You don't want to take your hands off the wheel too much to 'flick' the stalk, but don't need constant wiping.

C5 - rain sensors - Armitage Shanks{P}
I have had a rain sensor screen on Mercedes and it was very good; I have just sold a Peugeot which had one it was not so good. Sometimes it would go mad and give about 5 secs of high speed wiping when it wasn't needed. IMHO the best compromise is an internittent wipe where the driver can vary the delay. BTW I can 'flick wipe' without taking my hands off the wheel but this may not be possible in all cars.
C5 - rain sensors - Marcos{P}
I have rain sensors on my Merc and I they work superbly. The wipers come on as soon as it starts to rain, speed up if the rain gets heavy and turn off just at the right moment.
My freinds golf had sensors and they didn't work very well at all though.

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