Why would Lay-by's be closed? - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Last night, driving home down the A3(M) I noticed that all (apart from one which is set back from the road near butser hill) the lay-by's were coned off both north and south, over 15 miles plus.
The signs were covered over with black bags and tape and a higher than normal police presence was apparent (two cars travelling down the A3, and a collection around the bottom of the M275)

Is this due to the Arms fair in London or may be a visiting digitary?
Maybe Sept 11 is worrying folks "upstairs"?

Any ideas?
Why would Lay-by's be closed? - Altea Ego
Indicates to me that yes VIPs of some kind were due along that road. Wasnt closed last week when i went up and down there.

Along those lines can anyone confirm what the weekly escorted convoy that travels down the A316 is? Understood it to be Bank of England transfer
Why would Lay-by's be closed? - Rob C
I'm no expert RF, but I would suggest that if you are planning a heist on this convoy, asking for info on an internet BB is not the right way to go about it.

Why would Lay-by's be closed? - Altea Ego
I only want to blow the bl**dy doors off
Why would Lay-by's be closed? - BobbyG
Brilliant answer RF - I love it!

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