Yaris-further price reduction - johncyprus
I've found an independent toyota dealer who will supply a new unregistered Toyota Yaris 1.4D-4D GS 3 door in metallic on the road for £6995. This is the pre-face model which had a brochure price of £9365 plus £275 for metallic. Seems a brilliant deal! His opening price was £6995, haven't tried haggling yet. What Iwould like to know from the Backroom is can I expect the dealer to drop the price any further.He says he can't!
Yaris-further price reduction - DavidHM
True, but it'll be on a 53 and you'd have to pay more than this for a 6 month old tiny miler from a supermarket, even registered on a 52 or 03 plate.

It's not a new car in the truest sense but I can't see how paying £1500 more for a new T3 would be worth the reduction in risk; nor how you'd be much any better off with a used one that could also have stood for several months.

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