Worrying 406 ticking!! - Andy22

Very strange noise this moring from my glove box area, it was basically ticking/creaking plastic in short bursts


in between a creak and tick if you see what i'm getting at more like a tick but with the sound of plastic.

only when engine on or at point of turn of key which ignition heaters come on. and constantly will these we on all the way to work (20 mins)

only problem i'm supposed to be part exchanging on saturday and certianly don't want to spend any money on fixing it, just want it to go away!
Worrying 406 ticking!! - Andy22
i had a feeling this was a toughy

i'm not even sure that this is common, probably not.
Worrying 406 ticking!! - Altea Ego
Could be the heater fan - turn it off and see if it goes away.
Worrying 406 ticking!! - Rich Mixture
I have a 406 and maybe, just maybe, the noise you're talking about is to do with the aircon system? On occasion, I hear a noise from the glovebox area (or at least it sounds as if it's coming from there) when the ignition is on. I would however describe it as more of a whir than a tick. Sounds to me as if it's a motor trying to open/close a vent or something. Doesn't occur all the time and maybe moreso in colder weather.

Hope this helps

Worrying 406 ticking!! - Andy22
well i'm about to drive home now and the cars been in the sun so we'll see weather temperature affects it.

i have to say it does sound like more of a ticking and its constant without air con on.

report back tommorrow
Worrying 406 ticking!! - Aprilia
Stepper-motors for air distribution flaps?
Worrying 406 ticking!! - DL
If it's anything like a 405 climate control system, there will be a stepper motor controlling the recirculation/fresh-air control flap.

These commonly fail, the gears slip and the click,click,click can clearly be heard as the stepper motor cycles. It might be worth pressing the recirculation button and seeing if the noise can be stopped.
Worrying 406 ticking!! - Andy22
DL - absouloutely spot on!

last night it continued, tried a few buttons nothing improved it then went through my local tyne tunnel, bit smoggy so i always stop the outside air coming in (air circultion button)and hey presto it stopped.

i think i couple of you weren't far off too.

even though i doubt i'm going to get it fixed any veiws on price to fix?
Worrying 406 ticking!! - DL
It'll be most likely be a partial dash strip-out to replace this servo motor. Most people ask us to power to motor to drive the fresh air flap wide open and then we disconnect it, providing a continual supply of fresh outside air.

Works wonders!

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