Insurance for reconditioned cars - Roy
My 280 E Merc (Auto, petrol, 20 years, 200,000 miles) has undergone a £12,000 reconditioning, including modification for unleaded fuel, plus respray and other body work. Insurers won't now accept a valuation above the going market price for an un-reconditioned car, which seems to be about £9000. Does anyone know of a sympathetic insurer or broker who might help?
Re: Insurance for reconditioned cars - David Woollard

About the only hope yoy may have is an agree value classic policy. The issues you describe affect everyone with an above average condition car when a claim comes upon them.

Re: Insurance for reconditioned cars - Marc
The Mercedes Benz club has a partnership with a broker who will probably sympathise, you'd no doubt have to join first. The club magazine also tend to carry adverts for the usual classic car insurance companies who do agreed valuations etc (as mentioned above)
Re: Insurance for reconditioned cars - Nick Ireland
You could try Peart Associates in Kendal - sorry no contact No! I had good service and an agreed value policy on an a MG-B a few years ago. If they are still in business, as brokers, they should give you a competitive quote.

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