Have I been done up like a kipper? - top turkey
I needed a low mileage family size car for between 6k - 7k and have just paid £6995 for a W reg (2000) Vectra SXi 16V (inc mats and a tank of petrol) with 24k on the clock. It is from a well known nationaler dealer and has a 12 months Network Q backing.

Any thoughts?

Have I been done up like a kipper? - Sooty Tailpipes
gives.....[an awful lot of information. I\'ve cut it down, perhaps you could post a link next time ? Thanks. Mark]

Description Sale, Lot BCA Sample  Guide Values 
Price Miles Size CAP Glass\'s
VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.8 SXI 16V Hatchback, BLACK, 5 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol, 66687 Miles, VAT Qualifying.
W694MNV Registered 05-05-2000 Belle Vue
Lo: £5340
Avg: £4876
Hi: £3717
   VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.8 SXI 16V Hatchback, NOCTURNO BLUE, 5 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol, 20038 Miles, VAT Qualifying.
DE51MFU Registered 24-09-2001 Derby
Avg: £5900
New: £14690
Ret: £7275
Cln: £5950
Avg: £5475
Blw: £4975

Have I been done up like a kipper? - DavidHM
You bought from NeworkQ.

That means that they're only supposd to sell low mileage, good condition cars with a great warranty.

I'm sure that the Vauxhall dealer has made the best part of £2k on the car but given that, what you've paid is not extortionate for where the car came from.

Just enjoy the car and don't worry about it. Maybe next time you'll think about your other options and ask the question before you buy - e.g., a car two+ years newer for £2k more, or something the same age for a bit less, but for now there's nothing that can be done and people have definitely been screwed much harder.
Have I been done up like a kipper? - Altea Ego
If you are happy with the deal, and the car provides what you want in a reliable manner with piece of mind then no of course you havent.

I suspect however you are not happy or you wouldnt be asking. Whats the problem?
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I suspect, like you, that one of these people who can always get us a ticket for Wembley the day After the game, has put some doubt on the deal.
Nice looking motor for a good price - its a nice evening, top turkey, nip out and give it a good polish!
Have I been done up like a kipper? - Caveman
just paid £6995 for a W reg (2000) Vectra SXi 16V (inc mats
and a tank of petrol)

I've just bought a new set of genuine Vauxhall mats -- front and rears -- (from main dealer) for £10. A tank full of fuel -- lets be generous and say it was nearly empty beforehand -- £40's worth then. Aren't Vauxhall getting generous lately ;o)
Have I been done up like a kipper? - Halmer
No doubt those in the trade would say that you have paid too much like most of do.

I paid £16,000 for my Passat 18 months ago and its probably worth £11,500 now. By co-incidence my mate's dad is looking for a Passat with the same spec as mine. £11,500 will buy him nothing near to mine from a garage and he'd snap my hand off if I offered to sell it now.

I also paid £900 for an E Reg Golf five and half years ago with 50,000 miles on the clock and fsh. I paid too much no doubt but to me its worth £900 still now.

I wouldn't worry about and just enjoy driving the thing. It's only money!!

Have I been done up like a kipper? - Bromptonaut
You have probably paid a premium for the security of the network Q branding and warranty. Get your money's worth from it!!
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I haven't got much idea of Vectra prices, but I do know that the Network Q warranty is highly regarded. The cars are generally well prepared and if you look on it as a 'reconditioned' car rather than a plain old 'second hand' car, you will maybe feel happier about paying a little bit more. Like most things in life - you get what you pay for! Enjoy it. You'll probably look back in a few years time and say, 'That car wasn't cheap - but it's been a good un'
Have I been done up like a kipper? - Jase
Vauxhalls Network Q was one of only three manufacturers who got a full 5 star rating for their used car scheme in this months What Car (the others were BMW and SEAT).

So enjoy your car and be confident that you will have the required dealer backup if anything goes wrong.


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