Toyota gearbox reliability... - arnold2
Anyone any experience with the reliablity of Toyota gearboxes ?

My 2.5 year old Corolla, with 100k, now has a nasty whine and my Toyota garage tells me it probably has a duff bearing - so a £300++ strip down job....

Annoying thing is the gearbox has been the one bad point of the whole car - it has been difficult to use since I bought it (compared to other Corolla's I drove as courtesy cars) - and 3 dealers I tried to get to fix it under warranty all told me it was fine - even though it wasn't - I'm convinced I must have had a Friday Job - odd since it's a Japanese built model, too... anyone think I can pursuade Toyota UK to help out financially here ?
Toyota gearbox reliability... - Altea Ego
Toyota warranty is 3 years or 60,000 miles. As yours has exceeded that by 66% its unlikely, but always worth a try writing to Toyota customer services.
Toyota gearbox reliability... - Aprilia
Probably output bearing. It might continue to whine for many miles to come, without harm.
Try going to a good independent gearbox specialist, you might get a better and cheaper job done. I doubt anyone at your Toyota dealer has experience of rebuilding these gearboxes - in fact they might just farm it out to a specialist and add a 'mark up'.


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