Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - matt35 {P}
We should all type very quietly on Monday when posting to the BR...hope the meet went well.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Phil I
Thought perhaps one of the gurus from I have a question might have set up a live feed from the venue;-)

Phil I
Backroom Meet - Ian (Cape Town)
I trust all went well. I raised a glass to you lot, from my local boozer.
Any feedback/pix?
Backroom Meet - Marcos{P}
Unfortunately not that many people turned up but it was still nice to meet everyone. Our lord and master turned up unexpectedly which I think made everyones day.
I had a great time and would like to thank all the people who made the effort and especially Dan for all his hard work in organising the meet.
Dan has got some smashing pics that he is going to try and post on the MSN site so keep looking out.
Again Dan, thanks for a great afternoon and dont forget to post that lovely picture of HF, that WILL upset her.

Backroom Meet - DougB
Morning Marcos - I agree the turnout was disappointing, but I enjoyed it. HJ being there made our day, so many thanks to him for coming. Unfortunately due to driving commitments most people were not drinking, but the few who were drank enough for all of us!
Dan, thanks for organising the meet. It was a nice afternoon spent in good company. Nice to meet you all.

Regards Doug.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Dan J
Many thanks to Marcos, Rob the Bus, HF, DougB, pmh, spikeyhead, Armitage Shanks, Ben Chapman and of course, the man himself, HJ!

It was a great afternoon and made the organisation worthwhile by the attendance of all those above. Pleasure to meet you all. Shame more couldn't have made it but that is the way with these things!

Will make sure I get the pics on the picture site very soon - you can all see that wretched yellow shirt I was wearing...
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - volvoman
Yes, well done everyone (especially Dan) and sorry we couldn't be there but you understand why.

It's a pity that a few more drinks weren't able to be downed [aside from the vast quantities no doubt consumed by HF & RTB ;-) & another good reason for using PT from time to time] but isn't that a very good sign of the times. Not that many years ago it was routine for people to turn up to a social event, get plastered and drive home. Not so now though thankfully.

Let's hope that more events like this take place regionally now so that people can put faces to their 'tags' and hopefully form more accurate opinions of those they 'joust' with here from time to time. There's no substitute for face to face meetings IMO and as soon as our lad stabilises a bit we'll be making our own efforts in that direction.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - pmh
Many thanks for organising. Well worth the effort, an enjoyable afternoon. Do we have a publishable exchange with Mark? Special thanks to RtB+HJ for providing food!

pmh (was peter)
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Rob the Bus {P}
Well, it's the morning after the night before and we didn't get back to Orpington until about quarter to one!

Thanks, Dan, for arranging the meet-up. We had a great time and it was so good to meet people that you'd previously only spoken to on forum before. It was espeically good to meet HJ himself, who turned out to be extremely good company (as indeed did veryone who turned up).

When are you organising the next one, Dan ;-)?

>>Special thanks to RtB+HJ for providing food!

Actually, pmh, HJ ate the food - is was me and HF that provided it :-).

It is a little unnerving, however, how mine and HF's drinking seems to be under the spotlight at the moment! I don't *think* that we drink like fishes, but I'm starting to doubt that! Mind you, what most of you don't realise is that after everyone else left, me HF and Dan J adjourned to the local Chinese restaurant for a feast, which was followed by (ok, I take your point) more drinking. No wonder HF's head is sore this morning!

One final point - Mark, where were you????


Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - pmh
HF sorry for finger trouble.

Thks to RtB + HF for the food!

pmh (was peter)
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - volvoman
Ahh haa... now I know why we didn't see either of you at school bright and early this morning ;-) Still it was all in a good cause and someone had to do it eh!
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - HF
My head has finally cleared enough for me to see the keyboard.

It was a really excellent day, and great to add faces to some more names from here. As has been said above, the highlight was meeting HJ himself, who is a really lovely man and very interesting to talk to. It was great that he was able to come.

Marcos - I cannot believe that I weakened sufficiently to allow that lovely photo, and am currently trying to come up with something substantial that I can blackmail Dan with.

V - yes. In the absence of any other hardcore drinkers, Dan, Rob and myself felt obliged.

Great day/evening, and thanks Dan for all the work you put in to make this possible!


Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - spikeyhead {p}
Thanks for organising the meet. It was good to meet the people that did turn up. It was well worth the effort of attending even with the limited attendance, especially as HJ himself was there.
I read often, only post occaisionally
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Dwight Van Driver
Surely one of you that attended can compose a resume of who was there and what went on for the information of those of us that would have liked to have attended but couldn't.

Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - HF
Much as I would love to take the credit for the splendid catering, it was in fact Rob rather than me who trudged down to the garage on that occasion. And, I should add, it was Dan who provided the delicious salt and vinegar crisps, although these might well have been gone by the time you got there (Rob was there, don't forget ;) ). You missed out.

PS My half egg mayonnaise sandwich was very nice.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Dan J
Gave up waiting on Lee - I'll post them in the correct place at a later date...

Here are the photos from the meet - best not to ask about the URL address, it's simply space I had free!
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Marcos{P}

Well done, but I notice you couldn't get rid of my lovely cheesey grin. I bet HF is fuming, you seemed to manage to get quite a few photos of her.
PS in the one of Rob, HF and myself you couldn't try to digitally remove mine and Rob's little sticky out tummys could you.
seperated in birth? - Ian (Cape Town)
That first picture ... I see an uncanny resemblance between Hj and pmh. (except for the hat)
Are they in any way related? I think we should be told.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - volvoman
Nice photos Dan - good to see some faces.

HF - is that a shot of HF Minor Junior pouring himself a large Jack Daniels and Coke and could that account for his dodgy tummy on Monday ;-)

BTW saw you 'driving' by last night at about 6pm - have you recovered yet ? :-)
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - HF
I am mortified.

Dan - it's very easy to go off people sometimes, isn't it? You will get your comeuppance for this. ;)

V - yes, just about getting back to normal now. How was the fish and chips?
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - DL
If a more central (Midlands/M4 Corridor?) meet can be arranged, I would be able to attend (Perhaps with my brother and make it into an "Anal day bender" (Forum stalwarts will get the joke...)

Plus I would be happy to help organise it......
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - eMBe {P}
HF: I cannot see any reason why you should not be proud to have your pic on show. Rob is a lucky guy.
Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - Blue {P}
Agreed! I hadn't noticed the photos were on-line until now!

Really wish I'd been there, especially seeing what a good time everyone was having. Never mind, hopefully next time I'll be able to get the day off work...

Backroom Meet - Shhhh! - HF
Thank you very much, eMBe and Blue, for making my day! :)


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