Cost of covering high mileages in cars - Gregory P
I see many cars on the roads now with space ship miles and always wonder what engine parts they have had replaced so they could reach such high miles.

I want to therefore start a single forum where here where people can write in just noting down the make/ model and mileage of their car and the parts that were changed or repairs made. Also, the mileage when the part was changed may also prove interesting.

The reason I ask is through curiosity. Also, it can help those who want to know what they are likely to have to spend to cover high mileages in their cars.

High mileages means around 80,000 miles+, and it may also be interesting to see how many miles owners of such cars get from brake pads, disks and tyres.

In my case, I own a 1987 Toyota Camry turbo diesel (2.0 litre engine); mileage 100,000 miles
Parts changed or repaired: Head gasket, alternator, radiator.
Tyres last 37,000 miles; Brake pads 40,000 miles
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - Cliff Pope
80,000 is not a high mileage these days. Anything from 100,000 to 200,000 is pretty normal now.
For what it is worth, I bought my 93 Volvo Torslanda with 180,000 on the clock (FSH). It has now done 283,000. The engine has never needed any attention, just oil changes at 3,000 miles and filter every 6,000.
Have a look at the Volvo Owners Club high mileage pages - there are dozens of cars with 300,000, 400,000, and much higher mileages listed.
Even my 1964 Triumph 2000 has managed 92,000 with no attention beyond regular oil changes.
I think perhaps you should set your sights higher.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - nick
I agree with Cliff. Plenty of people do 30-40k per year these days. Modern oils and fuels are so much better than they used to be so even older cars can do six figure mileages without problems. Given regular servicing and predominantly long journeys most cars will top 200k. It's more likely the trim will fall apart before the engine packs up these days.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - martin
i agree, high milers these days are from 80k +. I have 160k already with my TDI and i hope to see 250k at least. The car is only 8 yrs old. Incidently, the first owner of my car (a compnay rep, clocked up 81k in the two yrs, which is astounding!
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - Andrew-T
'Plenty of people do 30-40k per year these days'. It might be interesting for Greg to discover what proportion of those drivers make this claim with pride, shame or frustration (most cars can do it with minimal maintenance!). I have always taken steps to avoid the need for huge travelling - 40K miles is at least one month in 12 of continuous driving!
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
My tuppence worth:
Peugeot 406 2.1Td. 1998 R Reg.
Mileage 175000
Replaced to date:
Rear Link Arms
Brake Discs and Pads all round.
Oil / Air filters every 6k Tyres last around 25000m.
That's about it.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - mare
Skoda Octavia TDI 110, W reg

92000 (first two years 68000 as private hire). Intend to keep until about six / seven years old and 150,000 niles.

No major components replaced. Bracket at top of clutch pedal went at about 85,000, tricky to replace apparently (done under warranty). Electric mirror misbehave.

There, that ought to be the kiss of death for it!

I took a G reg Corolla up to 140,000, had the clutch replaced and the brake master cylinder was playing up. Apart from rusty rear arches, that was it. Very good car
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - chrisuk2002
I had a 1992 K-reg Proton 1.3GL that I took up to 123,000 with oil and filter changes every 3,000 miles.

It didn't break, I just got tired of it so traded her in.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - commerdriver
It all depends on the kind of use I totalled 240K miles over 8 years in my last 2 company cars (Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8, Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 dti with nothing other than services and consumables like tyres, neither needed even an exhaust never mind clutches or whatever.
My son is still driving his Mum's 1987 Golf mk 2 which we have had from 5 months 4k miles. It is now at 99000 miles but has had 3 new exhausts 1 new clutch (now on its last legs) rebuilt gearbox, alternator at least 1 new battery plus more new tyres than I care to remember but its had a diet until the last year of second car use, school runs, shopping trips and said son learning to drive. Given the kind of use I haven't really been surprised by the required replacements.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - volvoman
Can't be definitive about the costs but I have owned a 1991 940 se turbo since 1997. It now has 140k on the clock and since I've owned it the only significant thing that has failed was the brake servo (cost about £200 IIRC). I've also put a new back box on care of Kwik Fit (£65) and cam belt changed (£120??). I know the brake pads need replacing soon though. Tyre longevity I can't comment on 'cos I've lost a few due to punctures etc. Clutch is I believe the original. Apart from a couple of minor scrapes (self inflicted ;-( ) the bodywork is very good and the MOT tester commented on how sound everything was when they tested it in April. Incidentally there was a similarly aged 740 ahead of me in the queue and the tester told me it sailed through with a mileage of over 250k !!!
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - flatfour
I regularily do 40-50k a year, and have lots of problems with my cars. A the moment 18 month old Saab 9-3, had to have brake pads at 42000 £78, had 3 gearbox rebuilds and now on 64000 and the box is playing up again, ooops no warranty left. The air con has leaked from new and niether of the 3 dealers I have been to have been able to fix it permanently, just started leaking again, the digital displays have been replaced, the fan motor, the head gasket was changed at 40k, and a new clutch fitted, it creaks when I go over man holes, no one can find out where or why, and this is a "Quality Car", oh, and Saab UK don't give a fig, wrote to the MD after no luck with customer services, but he didn't reply.
Obvious they don't care about brand loyalty, and don't need my custom again.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - Hugo {P}
Thia may surprise you.

Fiat Ragata Estate - took it to 91K
Major bits
New clutch plus thermostat at 80K
Recon steering rack at 90K
Replacement Distributor and cam belt at about 70K

The distributor was a hopeless design. The sead to the rotor arm was inside the body of the dizzy where it always got hot, so not surprisingly the insulation, followed by the copper wire itself soon broke down.

Apart from that - basic servicing etc - oh and RUST! Not bad really, managed to do a deal with a chap to get some work done in lieu of a bumper that was down on the insurance to be replaced, but didn't need it.

Renault 11GTL B reg took that to 106K

Just had a new clutch at 65K when I bought it.
Apart from servicing;

a couple of rear cylinders,
Rear wheelbearings
replacement front shock
Replacement front caliper
Replacement copper brake pipes.

All done by myself over 5 years.

This car acually had an engine ECU!

Current Renault trafic Mileage approaching £185K

An inspection revealed that all the rear brake components have recently been replaced. I suspect that work has been done on the engine, as it runs so well.

I had covered about 1500 miles in it and it needed for the MOT;
New track rods and boots for the steering rack
Rear load compensator for the rear brakes unseizing
Handbrake adustment
Reflecter tape on the NS rear light cluster
Oh and headlight aim needed adjusting

Erm ... that's it

Anyone please got a NS rear light cluster and corner bumper for one of these? It's a 96 N reg.

Cost of covering high mileages in cars - AlexD
My sister owns a 1999 Renault Clio 1.2. We bought it with 2000 miles on the clock, and it has now done 117k! Being mostly motorway miles it still has its original clutch, and had the front brake disks changed at around 110k. It's on its third set of front brake pads and third set of rear shoes.

Apart from routine servicing (including timing belt change at 75k), it's needed nothing else except tyres (which seem to last around 25-30k). The only faults have been the power steering pump drive belt snapping at around 20k, a rear bearing rumbling at around 80k and a fuel filter corroding (having been left longer than recommended) which in turn allowed petrol to pour onto the driveway. The last MOT warranted renewal of a suspension bush and a new rear numberplate lamp holder (they collect water and corrode).

The paint still looks just as good as it did the day we got it, and the interior (steering wheel, gear knob etc) show no signs of wear. I am a car washing addict though, so this might have helped a little...

Overall, the car has been absolutely brilliant and shows no signs of giving up yet (please please please.....).

Il semble que les voitures francaises ne sont pas si faibles que ca!

Cost of covering high mileages in cars - owen
Sold my H reg rover metro with 115k on the clock, still running fine. Only needed: brake discs and pads, replaced on about 100k, caliper seals renewed at the same time (£50 for everything). I think the pads had been replaced at around 50k too (the car was my mothers then). Tyres lasted 20-30k at least, and i was a boy racer then! It did need a new clutch at around 105k, which cost £120 fitted. Not bad though, for a car not exactly renowned for reliability.
Cost of covering high mileages in cars - doug_523i
I sold my Citroen BX, petrol, with 147,000 on the clock, looked tidy and I only sold it because the clutch was getting heavy. My 2.0 16v Xantia is coming up on 114,000 with just the usual spheres, brakes, etc. When I think of what depreciation costs on a new car, I didn't have a problem shelling out £500 for four disks, pads, both handbrake cables, service and mot this year. The car comes up like a new pin, dodgy tailgate paint excepted, and the interior is like new.


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