Cat Problem - Basil Brush
My car is being scratched by cats. It is silver metallic.

(1) Is there anything I can do to stop cats from scratching my car ?

(2) Is there anything I can do about the existing scratches - some are down to the white primer. T-Cut is useless, as is car-coloured polish. Also that dear stuff that is meant to gently dissolve the surrounding paint into the scratches seems to do nothing either, despite the microscopic amount of stuff you get for your money!

Can anyone help me please.

And no, I won't go "boom boom" with a gun!

Thank you in advance.

Re: Cat Problem - fred smith
i remember a cat used to sit on my neighbours car every night, on the bonnet where it was nice and warm when he just got in

he changed his car for a new turbo model which actually heated the bonnet very very hot, boy did the cat get a shock and never go back
Re: Cat Problem - Basil Brush
I was hoping for a better solution than getting rid of my current BROOM BROOM!

Re: Cat Problem - steve paterson
Basil, the most common cause of this cat problem is an overloaded and partially corroded electrical connection - they often smell like fish.
Re: Cat Problem - Andy Bairsto
you could always put a car cover on it ,or if it is in your garage put a blanket over the bonnet makes the cat more comfortable puts saves the paint work,
I have just had a do with a neighbour over his cat going on my soft top roof and clawing it
Re: Cat Problem - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Try sprinkling a little pepper on the bonnet. It kept my cat off the bonnet but dont wipe it off rinse it off as it can scratch.
Re: Cat Problem - honest john
Next time an 'Innovations' catalogue or something similar drops out of your Sunday paper, have a look through it for ultra sound devices which you plug into the mains and which emit sounds that cats and rodents can't tolerate. These are very necessary in heavily wooded parts of Germany where Pine Martins (Mader) have a taste for the wiring of parked cars.

Re: Cat and mouse - peter todd
connect your car to the 240v supply via the wheel arch and haypresto no more cat problem
Re: Cat and mouse - Carole Adams
Problems with mice? (see thread below) - get a cat. Problems with cats? - get a dog. (Problems with dogs will soon follow.)

Having said that (couldn't resist it) - in my experience the only way to get rid of mice effectively is use of some serious toxins. The council came and speedily poisoned the many generations of field mice (which I had naively helped to create by humanely catching them then setting them free in a field which was not far enough away - apparently one in Devon would have been better).

I once read somewhere that the scent of a dog on the premises is enough to keep cats away. It isn't - mind you a frantic barking retriever going for them at 80 mph seems to do the trick. I can understand getting frustrated with the owners but I'm not sure what they can do about it, cats being the independent creatures that they are. All the above suggestions seem the most reasonable: also, sprinkling pepper or orange peel on your garden is supposed to keep them off your prize carnations but not sure you'd want to try it on your prized car.
Re: Cat and mouse - peter todd
sorry, earlier replys not me- but my 15.9yr old who has a rather strange teenage sense of humour!!
Re: Cat Problem - John Slaughter

try a water pistol. Most cats hate water, and a few shots of that don't hurt the cat, but soon convince it your car is not the place to be. Best sprayed when it gets near the car, as a hurried take off from the bonnet won't help your problem!


Re: Cat Problem - Robert Harvey
Interesting they sit ON the car - in our street they seem to sit UNDER parked cars and can be seen moving to newly parked cars to get the warmth from the exhaust systems. I wonder why these cats are doing it differently?
Re: Cat Problem - Ian Cook
Interesting to read some of the replies. We've had a cat for over 30 years (not the same one, mind) and observe that one thing cats don't do is conform to human expectations. They also seem to sense human emotions and will respond in exactly the way you don't want them to.

They sit on the car because it's warm. The best solution would be a cover on the bonnet (or wherever else the cat parks his bum).

We had a Maestro once (stop laughing) and used to regularly find cat fur on the rocker box cover. The cat (ours, I think) used to sneak up the side of the engine when we parked it at night. I always used to bang the top of the bonnet before getting in, just to give the cat his "reveille"
Re: Cat Problem - Brian
The cat of one of our neighbours had a two mile trip on top of the engine to the car park in town, where it disappeared for 3 weeks, being recovered somewhat singed and VERY hungry.
Re: Cat Problem - Mike Holland
Keeping the car well polished may help to deter them in the first place, as they will slide off the bonnet

Mike Holland
Re: Claws - Mark
Problem is as they slide the claws come out to gain grip.

Paintshop anyone?

as ever


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