Engine management problem - 1999 Vectra - Vectraman
Please help. I have a 1999 Vectra 2.0 LS facelift model and it has been back to the garage six times in the last eight weeks. Symptoms are:

car jolts at any speed
traction control light comes on followed by engine management light and loss of power.
In addition rev counter and speedo momentarily return to zero and trip counter resets.

The garage have replaced crank sensor twice, fuel pump relay and also wiring loom and shielding to crank sensor, but none of these measures have solved problem. What do you think is wrong and should I ask for a refund from the garage as they haven\'t fixed the problem?

Engine management problem - SjB {P}
In view of the work already done, I would perhaps look for an earthing problem, as one poor quality connection of this nature could affect many electrical items.

I'm also sure that in the past I read of a Vectra service bulletin that advised that one or more of the sensor wires be upicked from the loom, and re-routed away from proximity to the alternator. May be a complete kipper rouge, but anyway.

Regarding recovery of costs, I have no idea of the legal standing, so leave comment to those that do.

Good luck.
Engine management problem - Marcos{P}
I had quite a similar problem in my old Cavalier SRi.
It turned out that the main cable off the battery was broken so was making contact most of the time but under hard braking or acceleration it would lose contact and I would get all the symptoms you mention.
As mentione above an earthing problem looks likely too.

Best of luck
Engine management problem - Altea Ego
1/ What codes are logged in the management computer?
2/ Given the symptoms, this sounds like a wiring problem, either a loose connection or a short to the management ecu.

Earths need to be checked, connector plugs and blocks need to be taken apart, cleaned and reconnected. All sensors that have inputs to the ECU need the cable runs checked for shorting/rubbing (as the traction control light comes on first I would look at the cable from the wheel speed sensors) Battery connections and engine/body earth need to be checked

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