Free to good home - Thommo
Toyota Supra E reg, free to good home.

Located in Guildford, must be trailered away as undriveable, will be scrapped on 8th September if no takers.
Free to good home - Thommo
Time is running out people...
Free to good home - Phil I
Looks like you may have to pay someone to take it off your hands.
Have you tried the Trade-It columns?

Phil I
Free to good home - Thommo
Forgive my ignorance but what's a Trade It column?
Free to good home - Phil I
Sorry for delay in reply T. Its a free paper called would you believe "Trade-it" Has big circulation in the West Country published 3 x weekly. Most of the categories for sale have a section "Free to collector" I should think a similiar publication is available in other parts of the UK. Adverts from private individuals are free. Also has Web site.

Happy Motoring Phil I
Free to good home - Ben F
I've put a link to this post on the MKIII Supra forum under the for sale section:
Someone's bound to be interested in it there.

Free to good home - Thommo
Thanks for that people, appreciate the help.
Free to good home - nwest
What condition is the car in? Is the car towable?
Free to good home - Phil I
Heres the url for Trade-It
Free to good home - AN Other
Try contacting Practical Classics magazine. They advertise cars for free, for free, and they've got a buying feature on the Supra this month.
Free to good home - Hugo {P}
Also,try LOOT

I think they've got a website


Good luck

Also have a look at my thread on getting rid of scrap cars!

Free to good home - Thommo
The Supra has now gone to the great scrap yard in the sky.

Cost me £30.

Great shame, the tyres and wheels alone must have been worth a good hundred to the right person. If I had an off road site I would have broken it myself and sold off the bits. Surprised no one else wanted to do so, but there you go.

Thanks to all above for the help, would have taken up some of these ideas if I had more time, will know for next time.

I suppose cars are now so cheap (and mending them so expensive) that they have become disposable items.

Free to good home - Thommo
Full of &&****@ petrol too!

I think I'll have to go and have a lie down...

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